1. funkydmunky

    MS ends WMR support/devlopment

    Kind of a surprise to me as this is an important space I would have thought MS would want to at least maintain some development/presence in the space. I mean it isn't costing them much. With so many partners out of the gate with biggies such as Samsung and HP (both of which I bought HMD from) it...
  2. M


    wrong place
  3. L

    HP Z440 - Questions - Need clarification

    Hello We recently acquired one of these from our office branch. It comes with 16gb DDR4 and a 6 core intel xeon We would like to know does this system support the 20 core Xeon cpu and 256GB DDR4 32 gb sticks? We can't find anything on this machine... lots of conflicting reports. (some say...
  4. Armenius

    HP Reverb G2

    HP has just launched a new VR headset developed in conjunction with Microsoft and Valve. The headset sports a resolution of 2160x2160 per eye on 2" x 2.89" LCD screens with a refresh rate of 90 Hz. It promises "infinite" tracking area with 4 cameras in the headset. IPD adjustment is...
  5. luisxd

    HP ZBook 15 G2 SSD M.2 question

    I want to buy a m.2 ssd for this laptop but I've read that it has some sort of limitations in the bios when it comes to the m.2 slot, anyone has had any experience with this particular model? Thanks in advance.
  6. AceGoober

    Patch, or your (HP Enterprise) solid state drives (could) roll over and die

    Note: original article title edited for pertenance to hardware affected. Hackaday is reporting certain models of HP Enterprise SSD drives suffer from a software bug which could cause the drives to stop working after 32,768 hours of uptime. The drives are supplied by a third party manufacturer...
  7. AYO VIN

    FS: HP Elitebook 840 G5 - Intel i7 8650u & i5 7200u (New Out of Box)

    I have 3 new out of box - HP Elitebooks for sale! Screen size: 14" CPU: i7 8650u DDR4 32GB RAM Storage 256 GB M.2 LED backlit keyboard Windows 10 Pro SOLD Screen size: 14" CPU: i7 8650u DDR4 8GB RAM Storage 256 GB M.2 LED backlit keyboard Windows 10 Pro SOLD Screen size: 14" CPU: i5 7200u...
  8. P

    For Sale/Trade: HP ZBook 15 Studio G3 Mobile Workstation

    Heatware: PreOmegazero Shipping: Price includes shipping (unless noted) Payment: Venmo, Paypal, Apple Pay, ChasePay/Zelle HP ZBook 15 Studio G3 Mobile Workstation with HP ZBook 150W Thunderbolt 3 Dock SOLD or Trade (4-bay+ [2018 or newer] Synology/QNAP NAS, High-end video cards come to mind)...
  9. Zarathustra[H]

    HP Smart Socket Removal?

    So, I got a pretty good deal on a couple of Xeon E5-2650v2's on eBay. I guess I didn't study the listing closely enough, but they came with some sort of blue plastic bracket attached (glued?) to them. A little googling suggests this is called a HP Smart Socket. Anyone know if they are...
  10. euskalzabe

    HP Pavilion 27 Quantum Dot - First QDOG, out this month

    I was recently asking here about the importance of 144hz vs 10 bit color, and in the past week I've learned quite a lot from doing research online. Some important conclusions: - 144hz is not super important if you're not playing fast paced FPS games. - bit-depth and color gamut are related but...
  11. B

    New HP Reverb headset

    https://www.roadtovr.com/hp-reverb-vr-headset-announcement-price-release-date/ 2160x2160 with RGB stripe display should all but eliminate SDE while giving a clarity boost over the Odyssey+ (which has also all but elimintated it, albeit with a filter on a 1600x1440 screen). I might grab one...
  12. cageymaru

    OMEN X Emperium 65 Is Now Available for Purchase

    The OMEN X Emperium 65 by Hewlett Packard is now available on Amazon. The $4,999 4K 65" HDR display features DisplayHDR 1000 certification, NVIDIA G-SYNC HDR technology with refresh rates up to 144Hz, built-in NVIDIA SHIELD TV, a soundbar, 384 zones of local dimming and more. Ports on the...
  13. AlphaAtlas

    HP's Intel and Nvidia Powered ISS Supercomputer is Stuck in Space

    HP and SpaceX sent some servers with off-the-shelf Intel Xeon CPUs and Nvidia Tesla GPUs to the ISS in 2017, and as of 2018, those servers were fully operational. But, according to a recent BBC report, HP's "Spaceborne Computer" was schedules to come back down to Earth about 3 months ago, and...
  14. K

    FS/FT: HP Omen X 17 i7-7700 GTX 1080 gaming laptop with lots of storage

    Up for sale is my HP Omen X 17 gaming laptop. I don't use it much and I'd really like a smaller laptop or Windows tablet so it's up for sale. It is under warranty from HP until Mid-January of next year, and an extended warranty can be purchased before the warranty expires. It comes with the...
  15. S

    FS/FT: HP Spectre x360 13" 4K laptop, SSD, HDD, iPhone accessories, etc

    For sale/trade: offers welcome! HEAT (6-0-0) I am local to Torrance, CA. PAYPAL, local cash/venmo accepted Things I am looking for (I can add $$ on my end): cheap, large capacity SSDs (>1.5TB per physical drive) caldigit tb3 plus dock who knows what else I may be interested in... drop me...
  16. AlphaAtlas

    HP Introduces Metal Jet 3D Printers

    HP launched the "Metal Jet" printer, which it calls the world's most advanced metal 3D printer. The printer uses one moving head to spread layers of fine metal powder, and another head to bind the powder together, building up a structure layer by layer. The metal is cured, excess powder is...
  17. HiCZoK

    Any new GLOSSY monitors on the horizon?

    Just asking about the "old" golden standard 1080p, 60hz, IPS or VA. Good calibration and so on. I know that nothing changed on high refresh rate front, so there is no point even talking about that unfortunately. There are still only very grainy, bad quality IPS, TN and curved VA (except that one...
  18. cageymaru

    Competition Heats up in the Global Gaming Notebook Market

    Asustek and MSI have previously dominated the global gaming notebook sector, but that is changing according to Digitimes. First tier notebook makers such as HP, Dell, Acer and Lenovo have unveiled new gaming notebooks that are directly competing with the offerings from MSI and Asustek. Lenovo...
  19. HiCZoK

    Windows has encountered a BUG

    Ah... another year, another monitor with yet another bug crawling inside. Last year my trusty IIyama xb2483hsu-b2 got a visitor: And this year, few months old HP 27ea got a little asshole roommate. I blame the summer and not enough of a tight seal on a matrix of these monitors. But mostly...
  20. S

    FS/FT: HP Spectre x360 13t 4K laptop, Sennheiser HD598, Apple accessories

    For sale/trade: offers welcome! HEAT (6-0-0) I am local to Torrance, CA. PAYPAL, local cash/venmo accepted Things I am looking for (I can add $$ on my end): cheap, large capacity SSDs (>1.5TB per physical drive) Bose soundsport wireless who knows what else I may be interested in... drop me...
  21. DooKey

    HP Recalling Laptop Batteries Worldwide Due to Overheating and Fire Risk

    HP has issued a recall for laptop batteries because they may overheat or cause a fire. These batteries are within 15 different model laptops. Some of these laptops have internal batteries that aren't user removable and they will provide a free service to have this replaced by a service tech at...
  22. DooKey

    HP Includes a Keylogger with Their Laptops

    It appears that HP includes a keylogger with their laptops that they say was used by the Synaptics software for debug purposes. Michael Myng, the researcher who discovered the keylogger, says it is disabled by default but could be turned on by an attacker that gets access to the machine. HP...
  23. DooKey

    Overwatch League Gets Big Sponsors with HP and Intel

    HP and Intel are teaming up to sponsor Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch League, the official esports league based on its popular shooter with 35 million monthly active players. With a player base that large, and growing, it makes perfect sense for HP and Intel to lend their support to...
  24. DooKey

    After Nearly 20 years, the Space Station is Getting a Printer Upgrade

    The astronauts in the ISS have been printing 1000 pages a month off of two printers ever since the ISS has been inhabited. However, they are finally getting replacements for their Epson 800 Inkjet printers. Yes, you read that right. The latest is an HP ENVY Zero-Gravity printer and it's...
  25. H

    > FreeNAS on HP ML10 v2

    Hi all, I'd please like to know how many of you succesfully run FreeNAS on the HP ML10 v2 server. What I'm trying to do is building a cheap freenas box (with 8GB RAM) to use for replication of my main freenas machine. So definitely investigating if the RAID controller works when set as AHCI. I...
  26. P

    HP 15-r030wm Notebook won't power on. Need Help

    Originally, the notebook's hinge became loose and damaged the top cover. I disassembled the unit and replaced the top cover and bezel. (hinges are attached to the top cover). When I put it all together, the unit would not power on. I thought the issue could possibly be the power button because...
  27. I

    New CPU cooler installed & smaller heatsink re-seated; now fans LOUD and display blank!

    System Specs: HP Compaq Elite 8300 USDT/USFF with i5-3470s and 16gb RAM Windows 10 on 120gb SSD; 250GB HDD Hello all, I have a HP Compaq Elite 8300 USDT/USFF pc- the reeeealy small one. I have it running 24/7 as a media server, and since heat kills, I wanted to upgrade the cooling a little...
  28. B

    Can't Decide... (1080P, IPS, 60hz, Desktop/Gaming Monitors)

    So, I got a 2012 mac mini for my studio recently & am finally getting around to upgrading my monitor. Also, as an FYI, I do intend on gaming with the monitor semi-frequently using a PS4. The three monitors that I'm torn between are: 1. Asus MX279H https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00B17C5KO/...
  29. S

    SOLD - Lenovo M73 Thinkcentre Tiny (i5, 8GB, 500GB SSHD, WiFi)

    Hey, I just picked this up from Ozarkboy a little while back to use as a lakka.tv box. I wasn't hugely impressed with Lakka, but apparently on Lenovo's site it's eligable to have windows 8 restored back on it. Either way, however you want the box setup let me know. I can keep it as is, wipe it...
  30. Blorgon

    HP Omen X 35

    Kind of surprised there hasn't been a thread on this yet. Since Acer's x34p seems to have fallen into limbo, the Omen X 35 seems to be the front runner for upcoming ultrawide monitors. G-Sync, 100hz native refresh rate (I think, anyway; can't remember where I read that). The price is nuts, but...
  31. W

    HP Elitebook 840 G1 Laptop