Windows has encountered a BUG


Sep 18, 2006
Ah... another year, another monitor with yet another bug crawling inside.
Last year my trusty IIyama xb2483hsu-b2 got a visitor:

And this year, few months old HP 27ea got a little asshole roommate.
I blame the summer and not enough of a tight seal on a matrix of these monitors. But mostly summer I guess, because my apartment is new and I keep it rather tidy :pompous:

He is in there for 3 days so far. Iiyama last year did repaired my monitor which came with even bigger dust speck in return. This prompted the whole great monitor journet I had since I've sold my 2nd iiyama... I've got 3 u2417h, then tried 240hz with 2x ag251fg which all had bad gamma and bleeding, then some 144hz lg stuff and at the end 2x hp 27ea of which I've returned the worse calibrated one. I was hoping to wait with monitor replacement at least a year now...
Wonder if Hp warranty policy would cover this....
OR this could be a good reason to look for a new monitor, except everything is crap! 4k monitors are troublesome because of no integer scaling and gsync monitors image quality suuuuuucks.

Anyway - here are some pics. He drops a little shadow too. I wonder if he is behind the panel? or just behind front plastic? I am not going to disassemble it because it's almost impossible to get all the layers together again without introducing more dust or fingerprints. Just my luck