Any new GLOSSY monitors on the horizon?


Sep 18, 2006
Just asking about the "old" golden standard 1080p, 60hz, IPS or VA. Good calibration and so on. I know that nothing changed on high refresh rate front, so there is no point even talking about that unfortunately. There are still only very grainy, bad quality IPS, TN and curved VA (except that one LG) there. (The dream would be 1080p, 144-240hz, gsync fully glossy IPS or VA, flat).
I also don't care much about 4k until integer 1080p scaling exist.
The marketing in last years is pushing us towards 4k and high refresh rates. As great as those are, There are drawbacks and we still have not even mastered 1080p, 60 which in my opinion is still good golden standard.

Year ago I was in transition between 240hz, 144hz, gsync montiors and so on. Testing quite a few of them and so in between shipments, I was using this 10 years old Hp tn monitor(hp w2207 I think). What is interesting is that it is Fully GLOSSY old TN... and interestingly,enough perfect gamma, no banding, nice deep colors. Even TN was better back then... But what was most surprising was it's mirror screen finish. It made blacks look better, colors pop more and increase perceived sharpness. I quickly got very used to it and noticed the reflections are not a big deal.
I game a lot on ps4 too and simple 1080p, 60hz monitor is a perfect solution there.
Games like Uncharted 4 or Bloodborne look stunning compared to anything high refresh rate. And even on ps4 pro, you get max 60fps in most games. And since I've noticed I am using 60hz more than high refresh rates, I sold the Aoc and lg.

The best modern monitor I could find year ago was Hp 27ea (there is even more superior 25" version but not available in Europe):
subjective - 1080p, 60hz
+Glossy (yet only 98%)
+Great calibration and color
+Perfect 2.2 gamma
+Good overdrive at setting 2
+Nice desing (looks)
+2 hdmi ports, vga, audio in and out
+Good contrast for IPS at 1200
+Nice simple osd (can even disable power LED)
+No bleeding at all and ips glow only in lower right corner
-Black glossy bezels (matte bezels would be better) which are also pointlessly slim. Give me fat matte bezels.
-Glossy coating is only 98% mirror. It still does have some grain and diffuses a bit. nowhere near perfect glossy.
-Silver bottom bezel (its ok but prefer matte black)
-No adjustable stand and no vesa mount
-Crappy buttons

Now if there only was 1080p 60hz(or more) IPS or VA monitor like that but with matte bezels, full gloss(not 98% crap) and adjustable stand or vesa... 25" or 27" even is fine with full glossy since it looks sharper. or 1080p mirror oled... but let's not get into dreams territory

Edit: Apparently there is new Hp 25/27F but it does not change much if anything compared to er/es/ea models
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i doubt these are glossy really. Besides, those are crappy dell TN monitors. They don't even consider gamma in their gaming line
Did a little bit more research and apparently there are NO fully mirror glossy monitors. Closest are low haze or semi glossy 98%. There is:
-HP 25/27 er/es/ea/f/fw - Only 27ea have audio out. So all others are pointless if using with hdmi console. New F models seem to not have audio out at all.
-There are also new Dell S2419h and S2719H models. They look just as glossy as hp models but are largely untested. pcmonitors did reviewed S2419H and it seems ok. Again, no vesa or anything.

At this point I think it's a lost cause
OP i'm on the same boat here. I want a 1080p display for my Ps4 pro and light Pc use. I had the famous Hp w2448hc for years. Excellent glossy display(24", 1920x1200, Very good stand), only problem it was a TN panel. Then i bought the Dell s2418nx (IPS, bad IPS glow). The dell has a low haze coating almost glossy. i really like the dell but after some use i realize that i need a bigger display. i want more immersion for casual gaming (not competitive FPS). i decide to return it. i know they have the Dell s2718h/Nx, s2719h but i did want to test some other display. I have narrow my search to find the a good 1080p Ps4 monitor:
  1. Dell s2715h (27", IPS, glossy screen, 2014 display)
  2. Dell S2740L (27", IPS, glossy screen, glass to glass display, 2012 display)
  3. Playstation 3D Display (24", only 24 inch on list i really want this display when it come out, VA, glossy screen, 2011 display, seems to have screen blinking failure you can find refurb, seems a hit or miss situation)
  4. Samsung LC32F391 (32", VA, seams semi-glossy, 2016 display , curved )
  5. Samsung LC32F397 (32", VA, semi-glossy, 2016 display , curved, new stand, newer than cf391 have same specs, but lacks Vesa mount holes)
  6. Samsung C27FG73 (27", VA, matte but not so hard supposedly, 2017 display, curved, updated cfg70, i got interested in this model because its gaming features and higher refresh rate for pc use. )
  7. Samsung C27FG70 (27", VA, matte but not so hard supposedly, 2016 display, curved, have some display issue go with cfg73 )
  8. LG 32MP58HQ-P/ 32MA68HY/ 32MA70HY (32", IPS, glossy or semi glossy i think is same as low haze never used one)
  9. Dell D3218HN (32", IPS, glossy or semi glossy i think is same as low haze never used one)
If you got any info on this display i would appreciate it. Also keep me update if you find a perfect match monitor for the Ps4 pro.
Your search is a bit different topic but as for PS4 monitor, I am really interested to try benq ew277hdr... not glossy but quite light
This is something I looked into because I like my HP 25xi which is glossy. I was a bit shocked when I bought an HP 22xw for my backup computer and noticed it was matte. Of course, I noticed because the "brilliance" of the color white wasn't there.

Anyway, I found the following: Philips 257E7QDSB which is 25 inches and available on some online retailers in Canada. I haven't checked the entire Philips web site but found a 27 inch model 276E8FJAB and a 32 inch model 323E7QDAB.