Fully [H]
Apr 10, 2003
According to Compal president and CEO Martin Wong, Intel hasn't given its downstream partners a clear schedule on when the processor shortages can be resolved. He believes that the Intel processor shortage will continue into 2H19 and will negatively affect notebook shipments during the upcoming peak holiday season. Intel's message is that they are "cooperating closely with its partners to manage their extra orders and its supply priority will be given to Xeon and Core series processors including the latest eighth-generation U and Y series." Acer noted that the whole notebook market is being affected and Wistron has revised their notebook shipment numbers from a 5-10% gain to a 5% cut due to the shortage.

With all the recent negative Intel news reports such as the outsourcing of manufacturing to TSMC, processor shortages causing lower prices in the DRAM market to a launch delay for the i9-9900K, and manufacturers starting to recommend AMD for the data center; it seems that something is wrong at company.

However, some market watchers are still optimistic about the situation and expect the problem to improve in the first quarter of 2019.
Just further proof as time goes on the crown on top of the head only grows heavier.
Good news for AMD stock holders. Looks like TSMC going to be the leader in 7nm soon