$1800 - $2500 Video Editing Build - any good?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Zer0Cool, Sep 19, 2018.

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    Apr 4, 2008
    Hi Guys,

    My brother needs a new PC, and asked me for help. PC will be primary used for Video Editing & PC Gaming. I want to set him up with the best radiator for water cooling (nothing custom). And since I always had an Intel build, I want to stick to that. He will pick his own case (full tower), but I do need help picking everything else.

    Since I dont know much about video editing, I cant advise him about the parts. Im looking to build a Top Performing PC with best performing parts. Here is what I know he wants to have inside the build:

    -1TB SSD
    -4TB HDD at least (7200 rpms) storage HDD (he will re use other HDD's for additional storage).
    -GPU to be connectable with at least 4 monitors (Nvidia)
    -32GB of RAM (3200 at least)

    I plan to Overclock his PC for additional performance.

    Does SLI offers a big advantage in video editing? or is it mostly for gaming?
    What kind of maintenance & how often does one needs to perform on a water cooling radiator? (CPU cooling only)
    Would i7-8700K be a good CPU for video editing? ( I know its great for gaming). Or is there something much better with my budget?

    I know Intel will announce the new CPU's on October 1st, but my brother doesn't want to wait. Unless you guys think the new CPU's will be worth the wait.

    Thank you for all your help in advance, looking forwards to your reply's/builds.

  2. KazeoHin

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    Sep 7, 2011
    SLI is useless for video editing.

    ANY video card is good enough, many times a mid-range card will have the same video rendering performance as a ultra high-end mega card. just having the card makes the difference.

    And the Ryzen 2700X would be a better choice for MOST video editing, also the Ryzen TR1920X is quite cheap now, and will destroy the i7 in MOST rendering tasks.
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    Aug 3, 2018
    I agree with this comment. Last year I purchased a Ryzen 1800X for my multi-media system and boy all of those extra cores and threads does make a difference when I do my video editing.

    Also why are you going the water cooling route? In this day an age the air cooling technology rivals whatever water cooling can do. Because of the electrolysis that goes on and the wear and tear to water pumps, o rings, clogging in the water block, you should do a full clean out every year and check for the wear and tear. With air cooling its an air compressor and you're done.

    IMHO water cooling is a luxury item. You should save the money there and go into more cores on your CPU. Also you might wait for the Intel 9 series since you are an Intel Fan. Extra 2 cores on this series I believe.

    -1TB SSD
    -4TB HDD at least (7200 rpms) storage HDD (he will re use other HDD's for additional storage).
    -GPU to be connectable with at least 4 monitors (Nvidia)
    -32GB of RAM (3200 at least)

    Yea... thats a good item list there that you want. Good luck in your build.