1. AlphaAtlas

    Twitter Bug Could Make Private Tweets Public

    Twitter just posted a notice on their site claiming that they found an issue with the "Protect your Tweets" feature on Android devices. According to the feature's help page, the setting restricts the visibility of Tweets to the followers of an account, and requires users to confirm new...
  2. AlphaAtlas

    Firm Hijacks Popular Twitter Accounts to Highlight Security Hole

    Last week, researchers from Insinia Security hijacked the Twitter accounts of a number of celebrities. But, unlike previous incidents where high profile users were hacked with the intent of defacing popular accounts or proliferating cryptocurrency scams, Insinia took control of the Twitter...
  3. AlphaAtlas

    Scammers Mimic Elon Musk on High Profile Twitter Accounts

    According to a BBC report, scammers who hacked their way into several high profile Twitter accounts used Musk's likeness to scam people out of some Bitcoin. High profile accounts like Matlan, Pathe UK, and Pantheon Books had their handles and profile images changed to resemble Elon Musk or...
  4. cageymaru

    Tech Corporations to Testify Before the US Senate About Data Privacy Practices

    Representatives from multiple internet based businesses and ISPs are scheduled to testify about their consumer data privacy practices before the U.S. Senate. This is being done so that lawmakers can eventually draft new laws to protect consumer data privacy. "U.S. Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.)...
  5. cageymaru

    Teens Know That Social Media Companies Want to Manipulate Them

    Teens are addicted to social media, but a new study finds that they are cognizant that the companies are manipulating them. Social media companies like Snapchat have activities that require that you send at least one message to a group of friends or family members at least once a day to...
  6. cageymaru

    Instagram Users Are Getting Hacked

    Instagram users are getting hacked and in addition to their passwords being changed; profile pictures are being switched to animated Disney characters. The hackers then change the email address to a Russian .ru domain to completely lock them out. This leaves the user to complain on Twitter...
  7. cageymaru

    Twitter Hires Academics to End Combative Conversations on the Platform

    Twitter has hired scholars from multiple universities to study how echo chambers form and their effect upon others on the platform. It has been proven in the past that those who don't share the same sentiment as those within the echo chamber are treated badly and with resentment. They will use...
  8. FrgMstr

    ShadowBanned on Twitter Tool

    Are you shadowbanned on Twitter? Well, @HardOCP is not, but are you? This handy little tool, that has its source code posted for those of you that like to see behind the curtain, may open your eyes to what Twitter does, or does not do to your favorite Twitter account.
  9. DooKey

    Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter Team up for Data Transfer Project

    Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter have announced a new project that will enable users to use data from one service to sign up for one of the other services. They say this will allow user data to be transferred in and out of the services involved without the user requiring help from the...
  10. cageymaru

    Venmo App Allows Drug Buyers to Share Their Purchases With the World

    Many internet users love social media so Paypal designed the Venmo app to target the Facebook crowd. Sign up for the service with the privacy focused Facebook login and the Venmo app will allow you to send money to friends and make purchases at approved merchants. You can even see what your...
  11. FrgMstr

    Facebook, Google and Twitter: House Judiciary Committee Hearings

    See the House Judiciary Committee Hearing in which Facebook, Google, and Twitter are answering questions from live right now. Fun questions like "Do you think you are immune from libel?" Live stream.
  12. FrgMstr

    Nudists Love Twitter

    If you like getting naked and just hanging out, Twitter is the platform for you. I did a bit of quick searching on Twitter, and it seems that the Atlantic is spot on. I did find this one nudist tweet that seemed to up the ante when it came to cracking jokes about it this afternoon. Belcher...
  13. FrgMstr

    Twitter Banning Fake Account Impacts Share Price

    Twitter is banning fake accounts at a quick rate (70M in May and June) and it looks as though that is impacting its stock price. While that 9% decline this morning has knocked off about $3B of its valuation, you could certainly suggest it never should have been of value in the first place. So...
  14. FrgMstr

    Prostitutes Hate Twitter

    I learn something everyday. I did not know that Twitter was a hotbed for some sweet sweet prostitutes. However, it seems that sweet sweet prostitutes are no longer sweet on Twitter. Now the prostitutes that know, Switter. That said, I just did a search for "#prostitutes" on Twitter, and it...
  15. DooKey

    Threadripper 32-core CPU Boosts to 3.8Ghz?

    YouTuber Tum Apisak has tweeted out what looks like the specifications for the upcoming 32-core Threadripper. If what he put out there is true it looks like base clock is 3ghz and boost clock is 3.8ghz. No information on how many cores will boost to that clock. You can check out his tweet here.
  16. DooKey

    Twitter Smytes Customers

    Twitter just acquired Smyte, a startup that provides anti-abuse and anti-fraud services to its clients. Normally you would think this is a good thing because Twitter is going to use it to do the same sort of things on their platform. However, as soon as Twitter acquired Smyte they shut down the...
  17. DooKey

    Twitter Blocking Users Who Were Underage When They Signed Up

    Twitter is blocking users who were underage when they signed up for the service. This is in response to the GDPR that recently became active. As a matter of fact they are suspending those users even if they are old enough to sign up for the service now. Anyway, there is light at the end of the...
  18. FrgMstr

    Twitter Ads New Political Candidate Labels

    Twitter is adding labels to political candidates accounts in order for those to be properly identified from fake and parody accounts that are often seen. Seems like a good move to us. Both the candidate’s account and the tweets from it will get labels. The labels will appear on retweets as...
  19. FrgMstr

    Twitter Finds New Excuses to Shut Down Folks They Don't Like

    I will just leave this here, but it just sounds like Twitter coming up with more excuses to create safe spaces and silence those it does not want to hear from. Of course I would never say anything on Twitter that someone would not want to read. Chief Executive Jack Dorsey said Twitter now...
  20. FrgMstr

    Twitter is Going All Telegram

    Twitter is putting together its own end-to-end fully encrypted direct messaging. Probably the way it always should have been. Shhhh.
  21. DooKey

    You Better Reset Your Twitter Password

    Just a couple of days ago we posted news of GitHub leaving some of passwords in plain text within the internal logging system. Guess what? It has happened again and Twitter is the culprit. According to a blog post explaining things they say that a bug left passwords in plain text within the...
  22. FrgMstr

    Twitter Sells Your Data Too - Gasp!

    Twitter sold your data (autostart video with sound) to Cambridge Analytic too? Say it isn't so, Joe! Just remember, if you are not paying for the service, YOU are the product. Of course, if we are having to tell you that, I have a bridge to sell you, along with your data. Twitter Inc. sold...
  23. DooKey

    Twitter Drops the Ban Hammer on Kaspersky Ads

    Twitter is claiming that Kaspersky is "...using a business model that inherently conflicts with acceptable Twitter Ads business practices." and they have banned all Kaspersky ads on Twitter. To back up their statement they have referenced the DHS order to remove all Kaspersky products from...
  24. DooKey

    Twitter Changes Revolver Emoji to Water Pistol Emoji

    Slowly but surely it seems like social media is jumping on the hate guns bandwagon and Twitter is the most recent to do so. With the latest release of Twemoji they changed the revolver to a water pistol. I find this pretty funny because they are all like lemmings and will follow each other of...
  25. DooKey

    Twitter Deleted 270,000 Terrorism Accounts in the Second Half of 2017

    Twitter managed to delete over 270K terrorism-related accounts in the second half of last year by mostly using internal tools they developed in-house. They say three-quarters of those accounts were taken down before they could send out a single tweet. I think all of us can agree terrorism is a...
  26. DooKey

    Twitter CEO Declares Bitcoin Will Become World's Single Currency Within 10 Years

    According to Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, Bitcoin is going to be the world's single currency within the next 10 years. I won't call this pumping, but he does own Bitcoin and often speaks positively about Bitcoin. However, I don't care what he thinks because there is no way any major government is...
  27. DooKey

    People are the Problem With Fake News so Leave Those Poor Bots Alone

    According to a new study from the smart folks at MIT, bots aren't the ones spreading all the fake news. Wait for it. People are spreading fake news like crazy and they are the ones at fault. Further, the researchers came to the conclusion that the one way to stop the spread of fake news is to...
  28. DooKey

    Twitter Blocking Cryptocurrency Scams

    Twitter is stepping up its game and is blocking trolls that try to scam their customers out of cryptocurrency. According to Reuters an account was suspended last month after the fake Elon Musk account claimed it was giving away cryptocurrency. However, the more serious action taken by Twitter...
  29. R

    Twitter's CEO Admits The Platform Has Problems, Asks For Help

    Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey took to his platform today to admit that in its current implementation, Twitter has problems, and he is asking for help to fix it. CNBC is reporting that Dorsey said "We have witnessed abuse, harassment, troll armies, manipulation through bots and...
  30. DooKey

    Twitter Updates Developer Rules to Stop Bots

    Twitter has released new developer rules that they hope will stop bots from proliferating across the social media platform. Basically they are saying apps or services may no longer automatically post similar contant on multiple accounts. Additionally, simultaneous Likes, Retweets, etc. can not...
  31. R

    Court Rules Embedding a Tweet Can be Copyright Infringement

    In a report on Torrentfreak, Justin Goldman filed a lawsuit after a photo of Tom Brady went viral and ended up being used on several news outlets. A New York federal court has ruled people can be held liable for copyright infringement if they embed a tweet hosted by a third party. News outlets...
  32. R

    Twitter's Director of AR/VR Leaves the Company

    The head of Twitter's AR/VR team Alessandro Sabatelli announced via tweet that he was moving on from the company after being hired in June 2016. TechCrunch reached out to Sabatelli for more details on where he is going next, but has not had a response at the time of writing. Sabatelli was hired...
  33. FrgMstr

    Twitter's Neural Network Crops Images Intelligently

    I am fairly sure that many of you have seen a large picture that is posted to a social media account, and then the content system crops that down to a small thumbnail. Many times you might have noticed, especially if you are the person making the post, that the thumbnail does not really show...
  34. FrgMstr

    Like'em if you Got'em

    No matter what you think of social media, a new analogy just got served up in Davos, Switzerland by Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff. Facebook is like cigarettes and should be regulated as such. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff offered up an analogy: Treat social media like a health issue, similar to...
  35. FrgMstr

    The Atlantic Argues World Leaders Should Not Have Unfiltered Voice

    I do not think this next statement will come as a surprise to anyone. World leaders are using Twitter as a platform to directly communicate with the world. Assuredly some politicians more than others. Last week Twitter directly addressed world leaders and its policies toward those. The media...
  36. DooKey

    Twitter Begins Enforcement of Abusive Content Rules

    Last month Twitter announced they were going to tighten their rules on posting of content they judge abusive, violent, or posts of those supporting such. Starting today the new rules are going to be enforced. Furthermore, not only are they taking this on internally, but they are also accepting...
  37. DooKey

    Julian Assange Tries to Convince Trump to Not Repeal Net Neutrality

    Julian Assange has taken to twitter to try to convince President Trump that it's not in his best interest to fully repeal net neutrality. He's appealing to President Trump's use of twitter and tells him that his opponents control most internet companies and that they could make his tweets load...
  38. DooKey

    Twitter Doubles Character Limit to 280

    If you felt constrained by the old 140 character limit that Twitter had then you will hail their move to double that limit to 280 characters. I'm not a real fan of Twitter, but I know most of you use it and I'm sure this is going to be met with open arms in the community. Go forth and tweet...
  39. DooKey

    Study Finds Fringe Communities on Reddit and 4chan have High influence on Twitter

    Researchers have conducted the first large-scale measurement of how mainstream and alternative news flows through multiple social media platforms. Based on their findings it appears that Reddit and 4chan serve as an incubation chamber for a lot of information. It just goes to show how...
  40. M

    Twitter Overstating User Numbers for 3 Years

    Apparently for the past three years, Twitter has been misleading with the amount of users on its social media platform. The company overestimated its monthly active users by a count of over 1 million extra users due to counting users on third-party apps. Instead of the previously reported 328...