1. Shadowarez

    Fan Project

    not sure if this is were this should go mods move please if im mistaken, so i have been amassing a collection of fans for builds and i was wondering can i reuse these ones i would nt consider A Grade (GT's,ML,Noctua,Chromax) and cut the ends of the fan connector and say solder on a battery...
  2. B

    4 Pin RGB to 5 Pin 12VGRBW or LED_CPU

    Hello, My front case's 3 fans are RGB and have 4 Pin RGB cord that is supposed to connect to included RGB controller in case my motherboard does not support RGB. However my motherboard does support RGB, I have Gigabyte Aorus B450. This means I can connect 4 Pin RGB cord to my motherboard...
  3. dvsman

    So what's the (fan) difference? Corsair LL / ML / QL?

    So I'm putting another build together and I currently have the 3x LL120 in my current rig but when I was looking around for parts, I see they also have ML (magnetic levitation), LL (what I currently have) and QL (the newest latest but not sure what QL actually means). Anyone have any idea? I...
  4. dvsman

    So I just got an Alphacool Eisbaer 360 and need help from [H]

    Outside of OEM and aftermarket air coolers, I've only ever used some Corsair AIOs. The Corsairs would have fans that plugged into the cooler. Nice and easy. On my latest build I used an Alphacool Eisbaer 360 - plugged the CPU fans into the CPU fan 4 pin on the mobo (and plugged the CPU pump...
  5. AlphaAtlas

    A Tour of Deepcool's Fan Factory

    If you've ever wondered how case fans are manufactured, Gamers Nexus just uploaded a tour through a Deepcool factory. The company says they're transitioning to a fully automated manufacturing process before some of their competitors, but it appears that the quality control process is still...
  6. J

    GPU Rig Cooling help - noob

    Hey all. I tried to search the forums here and couldn't find exactly what I was searching for. Basically, I set up a 6 GPU rig recently and can't figure out how to cool down the GPU's adequately. What I have is: 6 XFX RX580 and 3 fresh air fans coming in and 3 fans going out of the chassis...
  7. K

    How much until PWM signal degrades? Fan question

    I'm sure this question has come up but I've spent about 2 hours looking for a real answer and haven't found one. I'm currently running 12 fans on 2x360 radiators and each rad (6 fans) has it's own hub with sata power adapter. Currently I'm using a single cable (2 wires) to supply 1 tach signal...
  8. scojer

    How many fans do you have?

    How many fans do you run in your rig? I have 6 case fans (not including CPU cooler, PSU, and GPU), though I'm probably going to take a few out. (I had a fermi for a while, shit got hot!) Do you have more? Less?
  9. RadioActiveLobster

    Best Airflow for CaseLabs S8S

    This is how I currently have my case setup and I'm wondering if there might be a better option. Particularly with the top fans. If I reversed the ones above the GPUS it would bring a lot more cool air to the GPUS but that might cause more hot air to go through the AIO. Normally I'd be...