1. L

    Airflow PC Fans

    I have a new computer case, but I have a problem with the fan connected above the HDD slot in the picture below. Do I need to put air in or out? Will it affect the video card if it draws hot air from the HDD slot into the video card? case is Thermaltake versa n24.
  2. M

    Is it possible to mod this case?

    Here are some pics of the case: It supports 3 frontal fans(12cm), 1 rear(8cm) and allegedly a top one, though I'm not sure on how to install it since I see no holes. This case has poor airflow and my GPU is suffering. If I didn't want to change cases, how would I go about modifying it to...
  3. Darkswordz

    My Lian Li Lancool II Has Arrived!

    My pre-ordered Lian Li Lancoll II arrived today! :cool: I thought I'd show some quick pictures for anyone who's interested. I was surprised by how heavy the case is. It feels extremely well-made and very high quality. I'll be moving over my current I7-7820X build from a Jonsbo W2 case into...
  4. S

    Seeking input on choosing an mATX case.

    I find choosing a new case is harder than choosing the active components. Give me some alternatives to consider. Requirements: Micro ATX. Yeah I know many think this not big or small enough, and I should either go full ATX or ITX, but mATX is the right balance for me. Fit good Tower Coolers...
  5. cageymaru

    Win Some, Lose Some in Qualcomm vs Apple Saga

    A jury in federal court in San Diego awarded Qualcomm $31 million in a patent infringement case against Apple. Qualcomm requested damages amounting to $1.41 per iPhone. The three patents that Apple allegedly violated were related to battery life in mobile phones. In another case, a U.S. federal...
  6. Y

    Help to choose PC Case

    Hi! I plan to buy a new computer case. My config: ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO ATX Intel Core i7-6700K MSI GeForce RTX™ 2080 GAMING X TRIO Seasonic Prime Ultra 650W Titanium Which one is the best of these? And why? - Thermaltake View 71 - Thermaltake Core V51 - Cooler Master H500P Mesh - Phanteks...
  7. cageymaru

    NIntendo Has Patented a Game Boy Conversion Case for Smartphones

    Nintendo has patented a case that will convert a smartphone into a Game Boy. The smartphone's display will be truncated by a window on the case to simulate the display on original Game Boy handhelds. The buttons on the casing will be able to communicate with the touchscreen through...
  8. T

    5L case - 120mm AIO, Flex ATX, ITX GPU

    I had a 4L design, but that is on hold. For my second project, I am trying to differentiate from L4. I will likely revisit a design similar to L4 in the future, but I'd like a design that i can also use as a daily driver. Up to 84mm CPU cooler with LP or reference height GPU. FLEX ATX /...
  9. FrgMstr

    Enermax EQUILENCE ATX Case Review @ [H]

    Enermax EQUILENCE ATX Case Review The Enermax EQUILENCE comes with a lot of promises, mostly that it is silent. In our experiences however, "silent" cases are usually hotter on your hardware. Enermax has looked to figure that out while giving us an unassuming looking case that has tons of...
  10. FrgMstr

    Corsair SPEC-Omega Mid-Tower Gaming Case Review @ [H]

    Corsair SPEC-Omega Mid-Tower Gaming Case Review The Corsair Carbide SPEC-Omega Mid-Tower Gaming Case comes with what Corsair calls an "asymmetrical, angular, bold and dynamic look" so that you will never confuse it with anything else. Beyond that, we want to know how well it works out for a new...
  11. DooKey

    Custom PC Rigs Displayed at Computex

    Computex is the place you want to be if interesting PC rigs are your thing. This year is another banner year for some outstanding builds. All of them are works of art and I never get tired of looking at these things. Further, the imagination of some of these builders is just amazing. Check out...
  12. JosiahBradley

    Lazy VR mobile cabinet.

    First time posting in Worklogs so be gentle. This will be my second custom case in 15 years. Background: I'm really getting into playing VR on the HTC Vive. I just got WidmoVR prescription lenses so I could actually see while playing as glasses were difficult. My VR setup is in my living room...
  13. G

    RGB sync vs MB RGB connector?

    Hi, I am looking to build a new PC. Right now debating between going ITX vs mITX. Current PC is Dell 8900 so I like the reasonable size. I am looking at Ryzen 7 1800x and B350 motherboards. I see many new MBs have RGB connector. My question is does having a RGB connector mean it's RGB sync...
  14. G

    Need some advice for new case

    Hi, Currently I have a dell XPS 8900 with mATX MB. I like the size of the Dell. New PC will have: - Ryzen 7 2700x - Compatible MB (either B350 or B450, 32GB RAM) - Vega 64 ( might replace it with 1080ti in future) - Seasonic 750W - 2x SSD PC will be used for light weekend gaming and video...
  15. R

    Incredible Far Cry 5 Custom PC

    Custom PC builder and modder Designs By IMFACEROLL was sponsored by Ubisoft to build a custom PC for Far Cry 5, and he did an outstanding job. The case is designed to resemble one of the barns found in Far Cry 5, and not 1 detail is missing. Check out the time lapse video of the build, with an...
  16. NoxTek

    DEAD: HOT? Cooler Master Masterbox 5 case + Hyper 212 cooler $41.45

    --------DEAL DEAD-------- I thought this was pretty blazing. CM Masterbox 5 mid-tower ATX case with window for $41.45 and you get a free Hyper 212 (Not the EVO, but still!). Shipping is free...
  17. NoxTek

    DEAD: (Was: "BLAZING!!! Thermaltake Core v21 mATX Cube Chassis $55 shipped - $35 after rebate card!"

    UPDATE: Deal expired. :( I thought this was kind of toasty... <EDIT: Way better deal at Newegg, post updated, thanks to user NovaCloud !> Newegg has the Thermaltake Core v21 Cube Chassis for $55 shipped and $35 after rebate card. That's a pretty goddamned hot deal...
  18. U

    Lenovo V520s

    I think this is a beautiful case, and is the perfect size for my smaller micro-ATX builds: Does anybody know if it's possible to purchase the case by itself...
  19. A

    Old Machine Mod

    i moded an old low cost case. Tell me what you think ??
  20. RedWagnum

    Bizzare or what?

    Just watched this video from Singularity Computers for a prototype of a computer case they are developing. Looks like they have taken a page out of Lian Li's design book in that it is really weird, expensive, and only a handful of people in the world would/could buy it. If you watch the...
  21. L

    Best Case for NVMe Only Water-cooled PC

    Looking for advice on the best cases for a clean NVMe only build with designed room for several radiators in a custom loop. No stranger to dremel/sawsall modifications if necessary, but want a quality frame if going that route. Looking for something with a smallish footprint, i.e. not a full...
  22. FrgMstr

    Thermaltake View 27 Snow Gull-Wing Window Case Review @ [H]

    Thermaltake View 27 Snow Gull-Wing Window Case Review The Thermaltake View 27 Snow conjures up images of exotic cars with its gullwing window.There is no doubt that this is a good looking computer case. Does adding some nice LED fans and a slick white paint job result in a finely tuned machine...
  23. R

    Lian-Li Announces Availability of the DK-05 Motorized Adjustable PC Desk

    Lian-Li has finally made the DK-05 motorized PC desk case available. The DK-05 was first shown at Lian-Li's booth at CES this years, and since then they say they have added more cooling and flexibility into this iteration. The desk can hold two complete workstations under the tinted tempered...
  24. B

    Clear case

    Hello what are some reliable clear cases that I can buy. I want to build my own PC with a see through case but I am afraid it will be fragile, are there any recommendations?
  25. Nehemz

    Phanteks Enthoo Evolv mATX Glass

    EDIT: The Phanteks page for this case is UP at There's a new Enthoo Evolv thats gonna be released on this month. A certain someone in the Phanteks forum said that he emailed Phanteks about the case. For those who are wondering...
  26. RedWagnum

    *NEW* Thermaltake Core P7 PG

    Thermaltake has come out with a new case that allows you to mount your components on the outside: The new Thermaltake Core P7 TG is a wall mountable, highly configurable case made for the PC enthusiast with water cooling in mind. The "wings" can be mounted in various positions including...
  27. N

    DIY: ITX tray with modular PCI-E and PSU frames

    Hi, I was planning on a new case project and thought that the IO-opening and PCI-E slot took a long time to make for previous case with hand tools. Considering I wanted them even close to good looking, an idea came to mind if small quantity of these could be laser cut at a nearby company. -They...
  28. Pachalski

    GHOST S1 - When both size & performance matters

  29. Q

    Bitfenix Portal case

    Guru3D have a review of this new case here. There are some very cool concepts employed, but a major fail is the IO on the right-hand side of the case. This, of course, means you have to have it to your left. The tray slide also looks rather fragile. And that final photo by the fire? It looks...
  30. E

    White case that can support a 360mm and a huge 980ti?

    I have a Swiftech 360mm rad, a Swiftech pump, and a swiftech res I'd all need to fit in this case, as well as my 13+ inch Zotac 980ti. I would prefer a white case, a window works but isn't necessary. Any suggestions?
  31. Q

    Noise test suggestion

    I've had a quick check of a couple of video card reviews and they don't detail the audio setup. So I've got a suggestion for an additional noise test I'd like you to do if you're not already doing it: how loud the GPU is to bystanders when playing games. The noise of playing a game is going to...
  32. FrgMstr

    Streacom DB4 Fanless Aluminum Chassis Review @ [H]

    Streacom DB4 Fanless Aluminum Chassis Review - This case review is for all of you mini-ITX system builders out there that may be looking for something a bit different than the normal case....that looks like a computer case. The Streacom DB4 fanless chassis may be exactly the HTPC case that...
  33. D

    Cases with upward facing usb ports

    I'm building a new system and I'm looking for a case to put it all in. I like how cases with upward facing usb ports look like. I like the clean look. However those upward facing usb ports bug me a bit. They're likely to damage cables from too much bending over time when you connect devices to...
  34. FrgMstr

    Thermaltake Tower 900 Vertical Super Tower Chassis Review @ [H]

    Thermaltake Tower 900 Vertical Super Tower Chassis Review - It's a tower and it's super! Thermaltake's new Tower 900 is not close to your typical PC computer enclosure. It is built for a very specific customer; the enthusiast that wants plenty of room to do highly customized build and then have...
  35. Fractal Design NA

    Huge Black Friday Extension Sale on Fractal Design Cases @ Newegg

    As your resident Fractal Design official hardware rep I'm not usually in the practice of posting here in the Hot Deals section, but I've got Kyle's blessing to do so for this one particular instance. There are some pretty sweet deals going right now that are above and beyond what we can normally...
  36. FrgMstr

    Anidees AI Crystal Mid-Tower Case Review @ [H]

    Anidees AI Crystal Mid-Tower Case Review - Anidees tells us, "It's not just a case with glass side panel." Fair enough, and most enthusiasts know they either want to be able to peek inside and feel the satisfaction of their handiwork. Assuredly though, now days you need more features than a...
  37. A

    Phantek Enthoo Evolv or Thermaltake Core P3

    Hi All, Thank you in advance for your help. I am torn between making a decision as to which ATX Case to get: 1. Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX Glass (Galaxy Silver) 2. Thermaltake Core P3 SE Snow Edition I wanted to perhaps get some of ya'lls feedback on this. Any experience? Is one better than...
  38. FrgMstr

    Corsair Carbide Series AIR 740 Cube Case Review @ [H]

    Corsair Carbide Series AIR 740 Cube Case Review - Corsair is back with another cube type case this time in its Carbide AIR series. The model AIR 740 is a big steel case that has a big footprint, and along with that comes a spacious interior that will lend itself to just about any amount of...
  39. C

    Rosewill Cullinan (Anidees AI Crystal) tempered glass review.

    Check out this review of this nice tempered glass case. Very much similar to Anidees case except Anidees has 140mm fan and cheaper. Rosewill Cullinan Case Review (& the Anidees AI Crystal)
  40. FrgMstr

    Thermaltake Core P3 Wall-Mounted Chassis Review @ [H]

    Thermaltake Core P3 Wall-Mounted Chassis Review - The Thermaltake Core P3 chassis can be mounted standing, on its side, or directly to the wall. The open design allows you to see all the components in your system easily and the wall-mount option allows you to place your system in view like a...