Best Case for NVMe Only Water-cooled PC


May 15, 2013
Looking for advice on the best cases for a clean NVMe only build with designed room for several radiators in a custom loop. No stranger to dremel/sawsall modifications if necessary, but want a quality frame if going that route. Looking for something with a smallish footprint, i.e. not a full tower.

Any ideas welcome!
List your expected rad sizes, that'll probably narrow down the case lists. A components list will also help.
or is L4ZYK too lazy to say what he plans to do, in addition to being too lazy to research?

Too lazy to write everything I'm looking for. Not research. I've put a lot of hours looking at cases from just about every major manufacturer, but looking at pictures, even of completed builds, pales in comparison to user experience. I want a case with a good, solid frame that can be modded if need w/o falling apart. I currently have a CM Stacker 832 that I've torn down, painted, modified, etc to put in an acrylic side panel, custom fan locations, and custom cable mgmt.

I'm torn between a mATX/ITX size with at least dual 240's or an ATX with at least one 360 and a 240. No need for an E-ATX. No optical drives, so any cages would need to be removed. Looking for great cable management or at least the option to add it. Have access to 3D printing and metal fabrication.