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  1. FrgMstr

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    May 18, 1997
    Thermaltake View 27 Snow Gull-Wing Window Case Review

    The Thermaltake View 27 Snow conjures up images of exotic cars with its gullwing window.There is no doubt that this is a good looking computer case. Does adding some nice LED fans and a slick white paint job result in a finely tuned machine or does it fall short?
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  2. Azphira

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    Aug 18, 2003
    I wouldn't mind a case with side panels that pop out one inch and slide forward.
  3. motqalden

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    Jun 22, 2009
    So does the glass on the side lift up like a gull wing door on a car or is it just the shape? i was hoping to see the glass lift up to allow you to poke inside but i didn't see this in any of the photos or the video .
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  4. motqalden

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    Jun 22, 2009
    Also what is with the placement of that dust filter??? seems like this was no thought out at all... you have to mess with those stupid plastic pushpins to get the front cover off > then unscrew all 3 fans just to clean it? sound like a deal breaker to me. Other than that this case looks pretty sweet so that is a shame... Glass on the side should lift up like a "gull wing" and the front panel should swing open on hinges where the fans are covered by removable magnetic filter. I think the placement of this filter is purely aesthetic to keep the look of the fans on the front.
  5. primetime

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    Aug 17, 2005
    I like how you can mount the gpu sideways! I might could handle this case in black.
  6. 1_rick

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    Feb 7, 2017
    More or less the whole top & side comes off--you can see pictures showing it removed. I've seen this case at Fry's, but I can't remember whether the thing lifts on a hinge or just comes off. (Judging from the pictures on I think it probably just lifts off. You'd almost need a gas lifter the other way.)
  7. wra18th

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    Nov 11, 2009
    I like the case. I also think it was a bad move to not include the cable. I would have paid the difference just so I didn't have to wait for it in the mail.
  8. fingerbob69

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    Apr 7, 2011
    A case of design aesthetics trumping function.

    There's the nice tempered glass at the front giving you a nice view of the fans spinning all lit up. Why would you want to obscure that with filters ...which after a day or so a covered in a film of dead skin particles!?

    The people who design these things seem to only live in dust free environments where the room temperature never exceeds 18°c!

    Replace the glass at the front with a mesh. Move the fan filters at the front to in front of the fans ....and lose one of those fans so as to shrink it .... please.
  9. scojer

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    Jun 13, 2009
    Oh, I really like this case, a lot. I've been waiting for a decent white one to come along to get for my wife. I think this might be it!

    I'll show her and see what she thinks. I really like the way the window goes over the top, it's unique and does offer a different perspective.
  10. MrDeaf

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    Jun 9, 2017
    Dust filters also impede airflow and they don't help keep the inside of the case looking pristine anyways.
    I usually ditch filters and go at the case every few months with a dust blower.
    But then again, I also don't have my computer tucked away in a spot that's difficult to pull out and clean.

    Also, this is the first case from Thermaltake, in a long while, that is... well, not crazy looking on the outside or inside.
  11. Nicepants42

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    Aug 30, 2004
    That out of the way, the case itself looks pretty decent for what it is. I like the window and the GPU mount options, and I understand and agree with most of the trade-offs they decided to make in order to keep the case small. The front fan filter is completely stupid, obviously, and it's unfortunate that larger coolers don't work, but I agree with Mike that for a small watercooled system that looks good, it covers a lot of bases for $110 and looks striking in a good way.

    In addition to fitting larger air coolers, I'd personally prefer the lower compartment to be laid out similar to the TJ07 with sideways-mounted PSU option and air vents, allowing for another large radiator. But guess smaller is better these days...
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  12. leezard

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    Aug 24, 2004
    It does not flip up like a gull wing door, it comes off just like a normal side panel. This one just happens to wrap around the top.

    The dust filter was a head scratcher for me also. The Corsair case I reviewed previously had three led fans in the front also, the filter is in front of the fans making it MUCH easier to clean.
  13. Quartz-1

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    May 20, 2011
    It's a white case, so why are the cables and fans black?
  14. Net Prowler

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    Mar 11, 2013
    High contrast maybe? I mean I would just use PSU cable extenders myself if this was my case, but at stock, the contrast looks nice.