1. FrgMstr

    Intel Corporation Class Action Lawsuit - 7nm Woes

    The Intel class action lawsuit alleges that during the Class Period, defendants misrepresented Intel’s business and financial condition by issuing false and misleading statements and/or failing to disclose adverse information regarding Intel’s financial performance and, in particular, the...
  2. S

    Anandtech: Intel Unveils 10th Gen Core Ice Lake-U & Ice Lake-Y Mobile CPUs: 10nm Sunny Cove Later Th

    Anandtech pulls together the Ice Lake info form Intels Computex presentation. I know some of this was presented in pieces elsewhere, but this pulls it together. It also the most important CPU news for Intel going forward. This Intels new core, and new IGPU. It may also be Intels only real...
  3. S

    Anandtech: Intel Details Manufacturing through 2023: 7nm, 7+, 7++, with Next Gen Packaging

    Intel is showing manufacturing plan for next 4+ years: https://www.anandtech.com/show/14312/intel-process-technology-roadmap-refined-nodes-specialized-technologies Naturally there will be some skepticism considering the stumbles of 10nm, but OTOH, they no doubt learned a lot from their...
  4. AlphaAtlas

    Intel CPU Shortages Are Expected to Worsen in Q2

    Intel is suffering from a 14nm silicon shortage right now, and some industry figures think that boxed DIY processor sales are getting hit particularly hard. Last year, analysts expected the shortage to persist well into the first half 2019, but now, Digitimes Research believes that the supply...
  5. AlphaAtlas

    Intel Teases a "Hybrid" Mobile SoC

    At CES 2019, Intel previewed their upcoming "Lakefield" SoC. Unlike Intel's previous mobile designs, Lakefield uses Intel's Foveros 3D stacking technology to integrate various IPs and system memory into a diminutive 12mm x 12mm package, and mixes 4 10nm Atom cores with a single 10nm Sunny Cove...
  6. A

    How long will 10nm last?

    I know this seems like a useless question. But, since socket 775 lasted a long while and we've been on 14nm for several years now, when I read Tiger Lake (7nm) (EDIT: I just read it will be on 10nm) will come out soon after Ice Lake (10nm), would it really be worth it to skip 10nm and just...
  7. AlphaAtlas

    10nm Cannon Lake CPUs are Available in the U.S.

    10nm chips are now on store shelves, but probably not in the form you want. As spotted by dylan522p on Twitter, the Walmart, Amazon, and Newegg U.S. sites are listing Intel Crimson Canyon NUCs with i3-8121U CPUs, while SimplyNUC also has a section for them. These 10nm chips showed up in Chinese...
  8. cageymaru

    Intel Kills off the 10nm Process

    Charlie Demerjian of Semiaccurate has dropped a bombshell article in which he reports that Intel insiders have proclaimed the current 10nm process is dead. He says that this is a good thing for the company as it was the right thing to do. Assuming that there is truth to this rumor, this means...
  9. AlphaAtlas

    Intel to Split Manufacturing Branch Into Three Divisions

    The Oregonian says that Intel will split its manufacturing and technology group into three different segments. Mike Mayberry, head of Intel labs, will lead the technology division. Ann Kelleher will lead manufacturing and operations, while Randhir Thakur will run the supply chain branch. Sohail...
  10. cageymaru

    Intel Processor Supply to Remain Tight Until 2H19

    According to Compal president and CEO Martin Wong, Intel hasn't given its downstream partners a clear schedule on when the processor shortages can be resolved. He believes that the Intel processor shortage will continue into 2H19 and will negatively affect notebook shipments during the upcoming...
  11. DooKey

    Intel 10nm Delay Raises Speculation of Foundry Business Scale-Down

    By now everyone knows the 10nm Cannon Lake processors aren't going to hit the market until late next year. Further, due to these delays at the fab Intel has had trouble grabbing orders and there's speculation they will be scaling down their fabs. Also, in addition to this bad news for Intel...
  12. DooKey

    PCs With Cannon Lake CPUs Won't be on Sale Until the Very End of 2019

    In yesterdays conference call Intel confirmed that Cannon Lake will be out just in time for the 2019 holidays. We already knew they had delayed mass production until 2019, but waiting till the end of next year is huge. As a result Intel is hoping 14nm chips like Whiskey Lake and Amber Lake will...
  13. FrgMstr

    SemiAccurate Teases 10nm Failure Fallout

    Charlie over at SemiAccurate has somewhat of a story today that is not the usual tell-all that he likes to publish, but is rather a rolling rumor factory. Not that there's anything wrong with discussing rumors. Charlie is billing this as Intel's failed 10nm "crushing as "$20+B market cap tech...
  14. FrgMstr

    SemiAccurate Says Intel 10nm Launch a PR Stunt

    Charlie Demerjian always has an interesting opinion to share, and today is no different. Charlie is suggesting that Intel's recent 10nm "launch" is simply a PR stunt to save its stock price. I highly suggest going over and giving his supporting hypothesis a read as he has put together a very...
  15. R

    Intel Set to Fall Further Behind TSMC

    An article from The Motley Fool today outlines how Intel's troubled 10nm manufacturing may end up falling even further behind TSMC. Intel had originally planned to release it's 10nm chips in 2016, which was pushed to 2017, then pushed again to 2018, then a few weeks ago 10nm was delayed yet...
  16. DooKey

    Intel Delays 10nm Cannon Lake Processors Again

    Intel has announced they are not going to ship 10nm processors in high volume this year. This move seems to confirm rumors that their 10nm process still isn't up to steam and they need more time to get things right. While I'm all for getting things right I'm also impatient to get my new shiny...
  17. D

    Intel to replace Knights Hill with new platform and microarch designed for Exascale

    One step we’re taking is to replace one of the future Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors (code name Knights Hill) with a new platform and new microarchitecture specifically designed for exascale.
  18. D

    Intel cleans up its (Custom) foundry act

    Intel, ARM deepen foundry ties pages 2 - 5
  19. D

    Intel 10nm/7nm CPU/GPU Rumor Thread : Cannonlake, Icelake, Tigerlake, Sapphire Rapids, etc.

    Cannonlake What is Cannonlake? Cannonlake was apparently meant to be the succesor to Skylake, featuring 8 cores on the mainstream desktop with a token IPC jump of 5%~, but due to 10nm woes Desktop and Server Cannonlake were scrapped and were replaced with two 14nm desktop lineup slot ins...
  20. Zarathustra[H]

    Samsung to Spend $6.98B on 10nm Production Lines Next Month. 7nm coming in 2018

    The Korean English Language ET News site has a story up about Samsung making major investments to ramp up and expand it's 10nm FinFET lines starting next month. Current production volumes produce 25,000 10nm wafers per month with high yields. The planned expansions add another 18,000 wafers per...
  21. cageymaru

    Global Foundries to skip 10nm and go directly to 7nm.

    Article. SemiWiki.com - SEMICON West - Globalfoundries Update Saw it on Reddit. Gary started the interview by pointing out that it has now been a year since the GlobalFoundries purchase of many of IBM's semiconductor assets and they have hit every commitment they made. They had a black eye...