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    Are developers masters of their own games?

    I know the guys at id used to play doom permanently and became pretty good at it especially Romero but the guys performing speed runs on Doom Hardcore will probably played 24/7 for a good few months whilst the devs will have moved onto the next section of code. one interesting point i...
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    H 264 player?

    Silverlight dead easy
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    What is your summer MMO?

    Global Agenda For Me with the upcoming 1.3 patch things are really looking good (also it is free for the first 15 levels)
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    How Does your Company deal with Client Emails

    the department that at the moment is suffering mostly is 8 people but potentially we may be talking up to 40-50 people
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    How Does your Company deal with Client Emails

    Hi i think i have the correct section however, Our Company currently requires each staff member to deal with individual Clients via their own staff address, for example a client will request something in the email and the staff member will have to act upon it. there is no current method of...
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    Sid Meier and the 48 Hour Game Creation Competition

    saw this a couple of days ago, if anyone knows of anythig similar please post it
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    Largest open gameworld?

    sorry skipped the middle three pages but has Gothic (specifically 3) had a mention yet
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    Which Final Fantasy is the best ?

    7 or 8 personally but 7 by a long shot
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    finally ready to do this correctly.

    XBMC sounds like a plan to me although there are always arguements for and against each package
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    ...and I'm a PC

    surely any mac with any form of capable GPU is going to cost a bomb tho
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    Looking for Price Quote Program

    is that the full requirements? how is the catalog maintained? how many items in the catalog? is there an inventory system in place?
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    Winamp? Anyone still rockin' it?

    WMP here
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    So, who's hyped for Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver?

    yeah i'm 26 and play them they are good fun and a lot more involved than many people may perceive make great games for when travelling
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    Need PCI SATA card with native IDE mode

    there are loads of cheap sil3132 cards on Ebay that did the job fine for me for a while (some may require a firmware flash to enable IDE mode)
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    Handbrake and Subtitles

    ahh apologies in that case i just leave them unticked