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    Angular help

    I have seen this question on multiple forums and stack overflow but I have done everything that each solution has said and it is still giving me the same error. So I hope someone see's something that I might have missed. I am trying to get a date picker to work on a pop up dialogue. But I keep...
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    Angular Table Question

    I am fairly new to angular and I created a webpage where I have a dropdown arrow, textbox for input value and a table. The table has a select column. Now based off which dropdown value the user picks. It will decide if the select column of the table uses a radio button or if it uses checkboxes...
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    HTML Popup Formatting

    I was given this to use in my code for the x
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    HTML Popup Formatting

    ok I will try this
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    HTML Popup Formatting

    It is click able but for me I don't have to control the functionality behind it. I am just working the UI for visuals
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    HTML Popup Formatting

    Sorry, I didn't think about that. This is a screenshot. I am trying to figure out how to get the X on the same line is the "Over Time...." and on the right hand side of it. I am still learning HTML/CSS.
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    HTML Popup Formatting

    So I have popup I created for a button. I want to have the text "xXyY" and a X closing symbol right on the side of it. Both at the top of the pop up box with a horizontal line under it. I was able to put a horizontal line under it and the "xXyY" and X above it but I can't get them side by side.
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    Looking for some quality Hard drives to update my laptop

    So my current laptop has two NVME Slots as well as a bay for a 2.5” Drive (HDD or SSD). Note that one NVME slot has the wireless card in it. 1 of the NVME Slots are used at 1TB. Can you guys post some quality Drives (Links), that I can look at. I can buy to add to my laptop within $200 per...
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    what are some good online retailers for buying a laptop?

    I have 3 questions. 1. I am looking for more credit able online sources for buying laptops (I now of stuff like walmart and best buy, but they don't seem to have a lot of good options). I know about Amazon and Newegg. These are the main two that I shop from. Anymore good ones? I live in the...
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    Asus Laptop Question

    Thank a lot this was helpful!
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    Asus Laptop Question

    I have been looking to buy a good gaming laptop and I have decided on an ASUS laptop. I do have a few questions though, hopefully someone here can answer them. I might be confusing myself lol. 1: Is there a difference between ASUS Scar 2 and ASUS ROG Strix Scar 2? 2: There seem to be a lot of...
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    Java JPanal Layout Question?

    I am trying to figure out how to do 2 things. I want to have 2 layouts. Layout 1: JLabel1 JTextField1 JTextField2 JLabel2 JTextField3 JLabel3 JTextField4 JTextField5 JLabel4 JTextField6 JLabel5 Jbutton Layout 2: JLabel1 JTextField1 JTextField2...
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    Java .JSP Question

    I started a new job and I am learning a lot about Java(still fairly new to it) and web development. We are using Spring Boot, IntelliJ, etc. I am trying to get a much better understanding of JSP. This is the response I got from stack overflow. JSP is a Java view technology running on the...
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    Java Tools and Services

    Thanks, this helped me get off to a good start for my new job
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    Tips and Ideas For Buying a Gaming/Content Creation Laptop

    Looking to buy a new laptop. The last one I bought was 4.5 years ago. I learned a lot back then and got a great gaming laptop for $2500. I want a new one now though. And I have honestly forgotten a lot that I learned. What I would like (not sure if this is possible with my budget): -6 cores...