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    Need help choosing a decent non TN 24 inch

    I'll also second the LG as being a great monitor. I've been using mine for a little over a year and have been very happy with it. However, I will add a couple of other points you might want to consider. First, the anti-reflective coating, while it doesn't cause a strong glare, does seem to...
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    Anyone know this LG display

    From my experience, LG's are pretty good in general. However, there can be so much variance in quality across different models that you really need to research the individual model and not just the brand. For the specific monitor you linked, try this thread.
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    LG W3000-BN on LG's Canada site

    If you're only planning to use it with a PC, sure, but this means its not possible to hook up a blu-ray player or game console with a HDMI->DVI cable, which some people care about. Still, I think this is a pretty fair trade off for much less latency. However, I do find it pretty disappointing...
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    LG L246W

    Alex, You can download the fortemanager software from here. It doesn't officially support this monitor, but I have it installed and it seems to work fine for me (my 246 was manufactured in Feb). I haven't tried the newer version of fortemanager (I installed mine back in May), so I don't know...
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    LG L246W

    The manual mentions a L246WPM model which was supposed to come with the speaker bar, but I don't think this was ever produced. It's possible they designed the monitor to support a speaker bar and then later canceled it because of a lack of interest or something similar.
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    LG L246W

    I don't think it exists. I was never able to find it so I emailed LG directly about it and the response I got said Of course, this is complete BS, I had already asked about it in a couple of retail stores and they didn't know anything about it. Since LG's own customer service doesn't seem to...
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    LG L246W

    Perhaps another possibility is that this is something that they've fixed in a newer firmware release? Mine is from Feb 2007, and the EZ video is grayed out over HDMI (either PC or video mode) when used with my PC, even if I set my video card resolution to 1080p. Like I said above, though, I...
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    LG L246W

    It was available when I hooked my Wii up over component. Never really played with it much, though.
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    LG L246W

    My 246 was manufactured Feb 2007, no sound issue here.
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    What is the difference between the LG L246WP and the LG L245WP?

    shurcool has it right. The only differences between the L246WP and L245WP are cosmetic; the L246WP was intended to be the "retail" model, wile the L245WP was meant for online retailers (Newegg, etc.). I don't know whether the L246WP is available in Europe, but both are available in North...
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    The Witcher

    Quick question to those of you that have the international version: Aside from the slight censoring, are there any other differences between the two versions? E.g. does the international version add support for other languages besides English? Is the manual different?
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    LG L246W

    I have this delay too. On my system, this delay causes me to miss the bios screen completely. I have a second monitor so it's not a big deal in my case. I've never tried connecting my PC via VGA, so I don't know if that's faster. But I guess this could be an issue if you're building a new...
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    LG L246W

    You won't be able to get correct aspect scaling with a PS2 because 480p is an anamorphic resolution. I have the same problem with my Wii; when in widescreen mode, the device actually outputs 720 by 480 (3:2) and relies on the display device to stretch the picture to the correct aspect ratio...
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    Dell 2407WFP HDCP?

    Me too, but it doesn't exist. :) Still, the Dell is a pretty nice panel.
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    Samsung 245t vs LG L246

    Same here.