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    Sweet Laptop Mod

    Did anyone else notice the tissues chillin' in the background?
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    Mobo a little warped.

    No worries, boards are made of fiberglass, more or less, they're pretty flexible and durable. I doubt it would ever snap in half. The best thing would be to make sure you attach all the standoffs and distribute the stress evenly on the board.
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    Free AVG is over. What now?

    It's another case of reading comprehension FTW.
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    Ethernet/Multi Port wall jacks

    If i were you, and considering that many jacks, I'd make sure to include some type of patch panel as well. Straight rj45's made by hand aren't that reliable over the years IMO. That may just be because i've seen some really bad ones.
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    copying dvd's?

    I'm pretty sure that the fair use ability to make one archive copy of your OWN disc has been pretty well trampled upon by the MPAA/RIAA. In fact, the very suggestion of copying a disc may land you in jail.
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    2006 Post Your Workstation

    To put it kindly, you need to organize your cables a bit better. Try finding hidden cavities in the case and running as much behind the motherboard as possible. Also, reverse the hard drives' position so as to hide the connectors unless you've already done that.
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    Need to set up RAID... Where Do I learn...

    QFT! You might just be barking up the wrong tree using RAID 0 on a desktop setup.
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    difference between Venice and Orleans?

    Also, in your sig, it says you have Kingston Value RAM. That's DDR, not DDR2, for example. The P4P800 supports only DDR RAM, not DDR2.
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    difference between Venice and Orleans?

    That's not necessary bud. Might as well help the fella. You didn't contribute anything but waste to this, perhaps discouraging him from posting here.
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    difference between Venice and Orleans?

    It is a kind of memory, Dual Data Rate 2, which runs at faster speeds and higher latencies than DDR 1. Intel has been using chipsets that support DDR2 for about a year or more now, but AMD saw no reason to switch to DDR2 until now, so they have finally altered the memory controller in the...
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    metalcast painting advice?

    Thank you sarver, that is an excellent explanation. I appreciate it since I intend to do that shit someday too. My paint always runs, and now i understand what a "Thin" coat means.
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    difference between Venice and Orleans?

    Easy. Orleans run on socket AM2 and thus supports DDR2.
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    THE Best AntiVirus

    Is there even a contest? Fucking NOD32. Why the fuck did anyone vote for AVG? It isn't as good at detecting, but I guess free is a good price for many. 40 bucks a year aint much to ensure digital tranquility.
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    Needs some [H] merchandise

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but I think Kyle said something a long assed time ago about not doing that. It goes in limited runs and very infrequent. I guess they just don't want to do that. That said, I'd love to have everything [H] I could.
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    AMD vs Intel article on front page

    Jesus jumping Christ. In Kyle's defense, the main thing here is Intel put its money into an Athlon64 killer, which is what they have. You have to be on crack to think that Conroe won't totally slay anything and everything AMD has to offer. That's what Kyle is saying, in my interpretation...