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I bought a Pixel 3 XL and it works perfect! Great seller and awesome price, would definitely buy from again!
Hello Friend! please, if possible, the friend can inform me the reference of the transistor (Q6), on the GTX690, because mine burns in such a way that I cannot identify anything written on it. thanks for your attention.
I have a spare cpayne card for dale if you’re interested. Is the same one he linked you too. Lmk if you’re interested.
Well, it's been one hell of a year so far.
That said I'm thankful for a healthy family, job, and no commuting.
Hello, good morning CrimsonKnight13, I really need your help, I need to install the official factory rom XNeo (T1009) -EN-20200709 on my Alldocube x neo tablet, but I can't do it, please if you can give me tips, how to install it, remembering that I switched to lineage os, but now I'm not getting back to the factory version, please help me if you can
How's it going chief it's Xavier or Betterasksomebody429 on ebay. Looks like I found you.

I couldn't figure out how to privately message you on Hardforum so I thought I'd write to you here.
Great! My phone # is 626-221-7800... Call me when you can....

Take care and keep safe!

Demon Boy Jr
Demon Boy Jr
How's it going Vito. I was wondering whether you had decided if Monday was a good time to meet up. Although I noticed you ended the listing on ebay. Is the monitor no longer available?

Feel free to call/text me at 805-358-2018

or send me at email

Im heading into work now, but I have tomorrow and Monday off if you wanted to speak on the phone then.
Hey, I’ve got an R9 280X DD going in for its first RMA... I’ve been concerned about what I’m going to get back. I saw someone else on here say it was a 5 series, any thoughts?
Hey dude, how are you?
Were you able to repair your RX 460?

I have one and it's defective like yours, i have no voltage in the memory and GPU phases
can you message me about the tablet? This is the only way i can reach you.

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not sure. i went through my settings dont see anything blocking it. Could be they changed the rules in order to send messages?
Would you be able to take $160 shipped without the case for the s3 tablet? Trying to stay within my budget but no worries if you can't.
No sorry that's way to low.

Come up to $200 and it's yours
Hey Shep, hope you are well, i messaged you about those 2.5 seagate 1.8tb drives on servethehome. not sure if you go there much so i figured id message you here. do you still have any for sale?

How do I get FSFT privileges? My heatware has 100% trade record and 36 trades on reddit.
Did you take time to read the FSFT RULES STICKY THREAD at the top of the FSFT forum? All you seek is there.
already passed the requirement and no access still
I'd like to contact you regarding your awesome a4-build. I just don't see a private message option on this site.
Would be awesome if you got back to me.
Best regards
Cold_Steel, I recently found your thread about the X570 Aorus Master not powering on and your solution of removing the CMOS battery and placing it back into the board. I just wanted to tell you that you are my god. You can have my sister, my mother, whatever you need it is yours. You saved my PC, may you be rewarded the highest honor in this life and the next.
Dude I’m so glad to hear you didn’t have to RMA over this dumb issue :)

it’s only happened to me 2x - so hoping you don’t have a constant issue! Hoping they eventually can fix this.
Hi, bma730!
Sorry for disturbing, have you observed lost CMOS (boot fail, cold boot) issues with your Gigabyte x570 after your last post?
My shop asks me whether to give me the same board for RMA or something else.
Thank you!