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  • Hi Razorwind, are you around , need some help with a 1080ti.
    Hi! You've received dozens of messages akin to this, but I thought maybe you'd be interested in a pickle: EVGA GTX 980 ti stopped working after changing thermal paste. I have checked possibly dislodged components, and nothing seems to have shorted. The PSU fires its failsafe when the card is plugged in, though. If you are interested in having a try with it, I'd gladly arrange a video call some day.
    Us it possible to list the power rail sequence and values for turning on a gpu.

    Want to learn to repair them.
    Hello Friend! please, if possible, the friend can inform me the reference of the transistor (Q6), on the GTX690, because mine burns in such a way that I cannot identify anything written on it. thanks for your attention.
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