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Hope you enjoy these forums. Great place for Computer Geeks to hang out!
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I am here for you. Thanks for showing the PM system, my eyes are a bit blurry tonight. LOL
do you know how to get video card workload on the settings i upgraded to windows 10 pro 64bit
i would like to mine some raven coins but better hash doesnt benchmark it for me to mine can you tell me how to mine for them?
Sorry I do not mine raven coins.
I need help again I just built a new mining rig it has 6 rx580 4gb all 6 cards show up in device manager as working and adrenaline 2020 shows all 6 and I switched all to compute mode but when I run cudo miner out better hash miner all 6 cards show up but only 2 with mine the other 4 just idel any idea why this is?
I hope the body shop gets their insurance money today and can release my car. Knowing that your car is finished but you can't pick it up due to insurance shenanigans is ridiculous. And this Nissan Sentra rental is slowly killing me inside :-D