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Hello, I am interesting in your AMD 5800X.
Hi, sorry I dont get notices over email when my profile is written to. its still available

did you have any heat?
Hi Keljian I'm new here, not sure where to post, so I'll do it here. I'm restoring a Blackwidow Elite that I bought second-hand, and came across your thread. While desoldering, I ripped off one of the contact pads and broke a diode(?) (text says "D31"). Now, ".", "i", "o", and "L" key aren't working. Do you know what kind of diode I'm should replace it with, or perhaps another solution? Would love to hear from you.
Thank you! I have the same problem with my "i" and "L" key however. Where exactly would I have to solder a diode to for those keys? (not entirely sure if "i" is broken or bad solder job) Also, I broke one of the pads from my numpad ".", any idea if i can bridge that too?


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You need a multimeter to work out which pads are connected to the broken diode pads, then solder a diode between (noting that diodes are polarised - the direction of them matters) the point I indicated in the above photo and that point.
Regarding the hole/pad that got killed, you can just scratch away a bit of the silk screen with a hobby knife and solder a wire.
I'll get to it, thanks for your help!
Us it possible to list the power rail sequence and values for turning on a gpu.

Want to learn to repair them.
Hey been on the forum reading about comparisons of the aw3821dw and lg 38gn950. Since you have or had both, which one won in your opinion? I'm debating on them