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Hi, i have a old Ghost XFX R7850 that the fan baring has gone bad is there a way to still get a fan replacement for this? want to keep it alive as i cant afford a new video card right now even old cards are in the 600 to 900 range. >_<!!
We probably dont have stock on this older model, but there are plenty of $30 solutions that should work. Artic Accelero L2 Plus used to be a good solution
Hello , I have the same Graphic card ( Aorus 1080ti ) / and there has been an explosion of three resistors , / here some pictures
i really need to find the values of resistors so i can fix it by replacing new resistors with the same value and thanks
the name of the resistors is
2* R1631 // 1*R1631


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Hello Sir,
About AW3821DW HDR flicker issue, have you RMA your monitor or just keep it?
Thank you!
Dell sent me new one, but it also showed flicker after few days, so I bought Fuj:tech Profinity 8K HBR3 DisplayPort 1.4 cable last week and the flicker stopped.
Hello, I saw that you mentioned you had a Silverstone FT02 that you were interested in selling. Do you still want to sell it? If so, is it black or silver, and does it have the window? Any damage, and what accessories do you still have? I'm in Virginia so shipping would be quite expensive but I'm willing to pay for it. I have 24 confirmed trades on r/hardwareswap (reddit ID is hilo8914). Thank you!