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  • Hi Henry,

    Ultra 5.1 repair customer from Oct 2010. I have a hum that gets louder when increasing volume. I want to use the Ultra with an Onkyo receiver as a home theater. I bought 100uf / 105 deg C caps, but you repaired this system in 2010, so not sure if they're bad. It was unused for 10 years. Here are photos of the AC/DC power board. Not sure if any of these caps are bad? What direction should I go?


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    Hi, I apologize that I did not see your message until now. The capacitors you want to replace are not in those photos. Here's a photo of the four to check. Hopefully I replaced all four. If I only replaced two, then I would suggest you replace the other two originals.

    3 of 15 Capacitors for hum installed.jpg
    Lots of good work, stpeteshepherd. Thanks. I have a Klipsch ProMedia GMX Dß5.1 which has finally gone to having an annoying hum full time. So I was wondering if you a) have any repaired subwoofer/amp units for sale, or b) have a send-in repair service or c) have a repair kit for the unit. Right now the only issue I have is the hum. Thank you.
    I apologize. I see that I did not seem to be getting notice, or seeing notice of some messages here. I do not have GMX subs. I have not worked on them, but may be able to help. Do you think you could remove the amplifier panel from the sub? I would likely need to borrow a control pod to test the sub after doing work.
    I was wondering if you could help with a Klipsch Promedia 5.1 Ultra. It works for a few hours, then audio drops out and a high pitched noise comes from the speakers. If I unplug it for a while it goes back to normal. I've read overheating is common, so I'd like to buy one of your cooling kits. If this sounds familiar and you can give me insight on other parts that may be bad, any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
    Hi, I apologize that I did not see your message, until now, many months later. If I can still be of help in some way, please reach out to me. Perhaps email or text would be better: htkclk@juno.com or 952-393-5786
    Good afternoon, Henry. Did we ever get a chance to talk? I was going thru my storage and came across my Klipsch set, I was hoping to catch up with you soon and see if you were still doing repairs for these sets at some level?
    Henry, this is Martin Clausius. I am rykon9@yahoo.com. Did I ever get my amp repaired, I know we talked about it. I thought I got it fixed, but I think that I never sent it in 2015 to you. We had a couple of emails that discussed it being repaired for my Klipsch Pro Media ultra 5.1s. I saw your info about your new ideas of repair on them. I am ready to get it repaired.
    Greetings. I have a couple bad Klipsch 5.1 amps One humming with no inputs and one is suddenly dead. The one with the hum has white stuff on resistors or whatever the tan things are on the little board that's behind/between the two giant black 820uF 200V caps. Looking for a quote or suggestions or whatnot. Thx!
    Hi Henry. Are you still fixing Klipsch Promedia amps? I have one where the sub is buzzing. In addition one of the satellites is crackling too, but I think that might be something else. I'll look forward to hearing back - thanks.

    - Chris
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