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  • Welp, after all these years I used that RocketFish PSU and it finally gave up the ghost all these years later.
    2011-2023, not too shabby for a Best Buy purchase from back in the day.

    Merry Christmas! 🎄
    Just stopping by to tell you that I finally retired the RocketFish PSU after a decade of nearly 24/7 usage. :cool:
    Hope you are doing well after all these years!
    There's another reason that KB has that trademark there, if you don't trademark something, then someone else can use it. If you trademark it, then you have to defend your trademark if someone else uses it, and you can sue them as well.

    This is under U.S. law.
    It gets worse with age. Eventually when you get older, its gonna give you some serious problems. So its your choice.... yeah I put mine off for 10 years, so I should feel like I was born-again.
    Un-deviate your septum. I feel like complete shit but this is just day 1. I'll update my status later!!!
    I am drinking absinthe and 151 libations (alternating). You never told me the stuff (PM). I'm on the verge of intoxicated hate. I should make that a screen name.
    i have a fourth GPU on the way. It will do PhysX and run my receiver/projector. GTX465 (keeping it all eVGA). Also, I put 8x drops of Mayhem's Ultra Deep Blue in my loop, and a silver coil. I hope the dye doesn't ruin the blocks and rad like everyone says (who uses Feser/combined ALU+Cu loops...galvanic corrosion n00bs).
    Hey you seem to know alot about peltier cooling, have you done it before? if so im probably going to ask more questions lol
    Yes that is a quote right from Kyle himself. Maybe you should check out GenMay for more awesomeness like that.
    Yes it will...But only if you use slots 1 and 2. Slot 3 is x8 only.

    i am really so stubid
    any board is Slot 1 and 2 are 16X ??
    and Slot 3 is 8X
    my MB is EVGA X58 3X sli
    really ????
    iam really not good in this place
    So ur suggestion is
    1. shift to Slot 1 and 2
    2. ram up to 8G or more ?? really necessary ???
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