star wars

  1. Armenius

    STAR WARS: Battlefront Classic Collection

    Comes out March 14. Includes both games with full multiplayer and all bonus content.
  2. F

    Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    The Trailer is out, it's a little late but here you go. This trailer costs $4.99 to watch, but in all seriousness will EA actually deliver or will we get another bomb?
  3. AlphaAtlas

    Obsidian Employee is Remaking Star Wars Dark Forces

    Jason Lewis, a professional senior environment artist at Obsidian, is reportedly porting the environments of Star Wars Dark Forces to Unreal Engine 4 as a passion project. While port looks significantly better than the 1995 FPS, to say the last, it doesn't feature any shootable enemies yet. If...
  4. cageymaru

    Star Wars Episode 1: Racer Reimagined in Unreal Engine 4

    A Star Wars fan has recreated a track from Star Wars Episode 1: Racer in Unreal Engine 4. CG artist Rob Jin worked on the project for around 10 months and even created a trailer for the game. The article has download links for the files. For those unfamiliar with Star Wars Episode I: Racer, the...
  5. AlphaAtlas

    Respawn's Star Wars Game Will Be Revealed on April 13

    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is already scheduled to come out his fall, but unlike Respawn's last big release, they aren't going to drop it without an official announcement first. On the official Star Wars news feed, Disney revealed that EA and Respawn will "pull back the curtains" on April 13...
  6. AlphaAtlas

    Disney Comments on EA Star Wars Partnership

    EA has an exclusive license to produce Star Wars games, but there's been plenty of outrage on the internet focused on what they've chosen to do with that license. Multiple promising projects, like another KOTOR or a "Star Wars Uncharted" game have allegedly been canceled or turned down, while...
  7. Z

    FS: Star Wars Classics PSN voucher for PS4 (4 Games) - $5

    Star Wars Classics PSN Voucher for the Playstation 4. Four games included (Super Star Wars, Star Wars: Racer Revenge, Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter and Star Wars: Bounty Hunter). The voucher code must be redeemed to your PSN account before 3/31/2019. If anybody wants it for $5 (via PayPal) just...
  8. AlphaAtlas

    Bioware Supposedly Tried to Make a KOTOR Sequel

    Ever since Obsidian published Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, Star Wars fans have been asking for another proper sequel to the series. While we did get The Old Republic from Bioware's Austin studio, the WoW-like MMO gameplay and other aspects tend to turn off fans of the older...
  9. AlphaAtlas

    EA Allegedly Cancels Open World Star Wars Game

    Citing "three people familiar with the matter," Kotaku claims that a long running Star Was project under development in EA's Vancouver office has been canceled. This "open world" Star Wars game allegedly inherited some art assets from Visceral Games' Uncharted-like Star Wars game, which itself...
  10. bamavooHF

    Star Wars VR, worth it?

    My daughter loves star wars. Is this worth a hundred bucks?
  11. AlphaAtlas

    Princess Leia's Only Hope is Coming to Battlefront 2

    On Wednesday, EA uploaded a trailer for Battlefront II: Battle of Geonosis, which gives us our first look at EA's take on Obi-Wan Kenobi. Overall, it looks pretty good. In fact, Eurogamer points out that some of the game's CGI scenes look markedly better than the movie scenes they're trying to...
  12. AlphaAtlas

    Disney+ is Coming in 2019

    Following in the footsteps of ESPN+, Disney's CEO Bob Iger revealed that Disney's new streaming service will be called Disney+. The service is expected to launch in the U.S. "in late 2019." If you simply can't wait for the new service, Disney also launched a website for the new service, where...
  13. cageymaru

    Kathleen Kennedy's Lucasfilm Deal Extended for Three Years

    Kathleen Kennedy's contract with Disney has been extended for another 3 years to remain president of Lucasfilm through 2021. The four Star Wars films that she has launched since becoming the president of Lucasfilm have made $4.5 billion at the worldwide box office alone and more through...
  14. DooKey

    Star Wars Resistance Trailer Revealed

    I know many of you [H] denizens love your animated Star Wars and I'm happy that the Star Wars blog has released a trailer for their new animated series, Resistance. The new series is anime-inspired which will make the anime fans happy as well. It debuts on the Disney Channel on Sunday, October...
  15. cageymaru

    Star Wars: Episode IX Cast Announced

    Billy Dee Williams and Carrie Fisher have reprise their roles in the Star Wars universe for the upcoming film. Star Wars Episode IX will feature Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian and the late Carrie Fisher will star as Leia Organa using unreleased footage intended for 'Star Wars: The Force...
  16. cageymaru

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars to Return With New Episodes

    During San Diego Comic-Con, Disney announced the revival of an animated series that younger Star Wars fans grew up with a decade ago. Star Wars: The Clone Wars is set to return for a 12 episode run on Disney's direct-to-consumer streaming service. The first five seasons of the series...
  17. FrgMstr

    20K Sith vs 20K Jedi - FIGHT!

    I think all that is left to be said is that we need to get this guy a beefier CPU and GPU combo. Enjoy.
  18. R

    Lightsaber Colors Decoded

    In an interesting article from cNet, author Sean Keane goes through all the various lightsaber colors from over the years and gives us the meaning behind them. Concept artist Ralph McQuarrie was the one who decided to associate the colors of the lightsaber with the moral standing o the character...
  19. R

    Han Solo's Blaster Sells for $550k

    cNet is reporting that at the Hollywood Legends Auctions on Saturday in Las Vegas, a blaster used by Harrison Ford in Return of the Jedi sold for $550,000. The iconic blaster was sold to Ripley's Believe It or Not according Julien's Auctions. I've got to wonder how much the blaster from New...
  20. FrgMstr

    Stars Wars Spaceships Were Not Designed for Air Travel

    More proof that science fiction is fictitious. Whodathunkit? Fun to see though. And to be the Devil's advocate on the subject, we do get to see these spacecraft maneuvering in the atmosphere many times in the films. Thanks Glinty McFlugEnchuck. Check out the video.
  21. FrgMstr

    The Millennium Falcons that Never Were

    Certainly most every person that reads this meager news feed can easily picture the Millennium Falcon in their mind's eye right now, but what about all the versions that we never will get to see on the big screen? has a story about looking back in time with the Falcon, which of...
  22. R

    Don't Have Amazon Prime? No Star Wars VIII on Disc For You

    ExtremeTech is reporting that if you want to purchase a physical copy of Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Amazon for your collection, you are out of luck unless you are an Amazon Prime member. Both the Blu-ray and DVD copies of the movie are listed as "Exclusively for Prime members" on Amazon, in...
  23. R

    Battlefront 2 Progression System Revamped

    EA Games has announced that the Star Wars Battlefront II "Progression Update" will come on March 21st. The update changes player progression to a linear style, and removes star cards from loot crates. Star cards, or any other item impacting gameplay, will only be earned through gameplay using an...
  24. DooKey

    Even Mark Hamill Hates the 'New' Luke Skywalker

    Critics and fans continue to either love the latest Star Wars episode or hate it with a passion. I know the purist fan who religiously follows Star Wars canon isn't real happy and you can find lots of YouTube videos ranting and raving about it. However, the video interview below features Mark...
  25. DooKey

    Electronic Arts Loses $3 Billion in Stock Value

    EA stock is down 8.5 percent this month and CNBC is attributing that fact to the latest EA stunt with loot boxes and unlocks in Star Wars Battlefront II. Furthermore, analysts believe the micro-transaction model EA is using may not be viable going forward and it really didn't help that...
  26. FrgMstr

    This Game is a Star Wars Themed Online Casino

    ..."Designed to lure kids into spending money. It's a trap." Yeah, as if every gamer in the world did not hate EA enough, Hawaii State Representative Chris Lee is piling on the Star Wars Battlefront II hate machine. Check out the video. The State of Hawaii announces action to address...
  27. DooKey

    Star Wars Jedi Challenges Hands-on

    Disney wants you to be immersed in Star Wars this fall as The Last Jedi film comes out in December. And one of the ways it is doing that is with Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, an augmented reality headset that makes you feel like a Jedi. The reviewer tried it out and really likes it. Check out...
  28. M

    New Star Wars Trilogy Announced, Created by Rian Johnson

    Before the release of his first Star Wars film, Lucasfilm and Disney have decided to hand over the reins for a future trilogy of the franchise over to Rian Johnson. Revealed during a conference call, the writer-director of The Last Jedi is tasked to create new stories and adventures in the...
  29. M

    EA Tweaks Star Wars Battlefront 2 Loot Boxes

    Following the beta for Star Wars Battlefront 2, EA received more criticism for how it handles its loot boxes. The company have taken suggestions and plans to change the loot crate system. The biggest tweak are Epic Star Cards not appearing in crates, which would have given players an extra...
  30. M

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 Campaign is About 5-7 Hours Long

    PC Gamer is reporting the single-player campaign for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will have a playtime between 5-7 hours, maybe even 8 hours says producer David Robillard. Although short, Robillard suggests that shorter campaigns "can be effective and memorable if they're done well." The producer...
  31. Q

    RIP Visceral Games ^^ I can't believe I didn't see that thread yesterday. If the mods want to lock this as a duplicate or delete I totally understand...
  32. M

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

    Disney premiered the official trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi during the halftime show on tonight's Monday Night Football. Warning, there are spoilers ahead and lots of stuff to soak in, but you already knew that. The movie hits theaters December 15. See the last Jedi.
  33. M

    Disney Restores Star Wars Battlefront II Classic Multiplayer

    Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. Not to be confused with the new sequel, Disney has decided to bring back the multiplayer features for the original 2005 release of Star Wars: Battlefront II including cross-play support. Unfortunately, only owners of the GOG and Steam releases will be able to...
  34. M

    Star Wars: Jedi Challenges First Look

    You augmented reality fans are in for a treat. Announced last month, Disney and Lenovo partnered up to create the cool AR experience that is every Padawan's wet dream. As part of today's Force Friday iI for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Lenovo released a first look for the Jedi Challenges. Unleash...
  35. modi123

    Star Wars: Jedi Challenges.

    Anyone going in on the new AR game set that came out with Disney and Lenovo? - Contains a lightsaber battle -Holochess -A strategic combat game $199.99 gets you: Mind you the headset requires your phone to work. Though shipping isn't until 5...
  36. M

    Build Your Own Miniature R2 D2

    Introducing littleBits' Droid Inventor Kit which gives you all the pieces to build your very own small size R2-D2. At a cost of $100, the modular kit comes with the motors, speakers, and sensors to help you replicate the bleeps, the sweeps, and the creeps. Also available is a companion app for...
  37. FrgMstr

    Missing Star Wars Soundtrack Prompts Monetization Claim...for Music

    This video has been around for a couple of years, and is worth a watch, just for the lulz if you have not seen it before. What is at the crux of this story is very strange however. As you will see below, it is close award scene from the first Star Wars movie without the awesome musical score...
  38. FrgMstr

    Arrested Rebellion: Ron Howard’s Han Solo

    Are you a Star Wars fan? Are you an Arrested Development fan? You know Ron Howard has taken over the new Han Solo movie? You know that Ron Howard narrates Arrested Development? Even if you answered, "no" to all these questions, you now have enough information to watch this and laugh. Check...
  39. cageymaru

    Star Wars "The Last Jedi" Trailer

    The trailer for the next installment of the Star Wars franchise is out. The Last Jedi has a December 15th release date according to the trailer. May the force be with you!
  40. cageymaru

    A Tribute to Carrie Fisher

    When the Star Wars community lost Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia in the films, it was a hard pill to swallow. Carrie Fisher's role as Princess Leia was cast as a strong, but beautiful female lead character in the films. She undoubtedly inspired countless women and men to be strong in...