1. B

    Usage Data Permission Concerns

    Hi, I wanted to measure data upload and download on Android PingTools but was required to give Usage Data Access permission to the app: I am wondering if by doing that this app could read data and identify what I do online. Assuming there was malicious app disguised as benevolent app and...
  2. R

    Help or guidance with Subnetting and Routing on FreeBSD/BSDRP for home network.

    Hi all! Been some time. I've been struggling a lot recently trying to segment out my expanding flat network structure. The more I look at my home network the more I realise it needs some very well deserved best networking practice applied to it. So, I've started to vlan off segments for...
  3. Z

    New Router or Wifi Extender?

    Hello Everyone, Its been a while since I needed an advice from my trusted computer forums :) I have a wifi problem in the house, the router is in the basement and causes bad reception sometimes on the 3nd floor. (basement being the 1st floor). I have an Ethernet cable on the 3rd floor which I...
  4. Zarathustra[H]

    Monitor IoT Activity on your Network (by giving up privacy to Princeton Researchers)

    So, Many of us have been curious about what the hell our IoT is doing on our networks, how often it dials the mother ship and what it is sending. Researchers at Princeton University want to know too, and have started a project to collect data from IoT devices on your network to inform you, and...
  5. cageymaru

    Intel Demos 112G PAM-4 Transceiver Utilizing Its 10nm FinFet Process

    Intel has released video of an I/O test demo showcasing its advanced 10nm FinFet process powering the Intel 112G PAM-4 transceiver. The 112 Gbps serial transceiver links will support the demanding bandwidth requirements of future data center, enterprise, and networking environments. The new 112G...
  6. J


    For sale, I have two new open box UBIQUITI - US UAP-AC-LITE-US UNIFI AP AC LITE. I bought them a few months ago but never used them. SOLD I also have a lightly used Anova Culinary Sous Vide Nano Bluetooth, I only used it two times. Asking $75 shipped...
  7. cageymaru

    The D-Link DWR-2010 Is a 5G NR Enhanced Gateway

    D-Link has announced the release of its new 5G gateway. The DWR-2010 is a 5G NR Enhanced Gateway that provides 5G internet connectivity through an 802.11ac/n wireless network. This allows users access to internet speeds 10 times faster than the current LTE standard. The device showcases its...
  8. cageymaru

    Verizon and T-Mobile Shame AT&T for Marketing Its 4G Network to Consumers as 5G

    AT&T has released an update that changes the icon on some AT&T phones to display the network type as 5G E. The AT&T network does not have true 5G capabilities; in fact the phones are still operating on the same 4G network as before. AT&T is marketing its beefed up 4G network as 5G Evolution to...
  9. cageymaru

    T-Mobile Partners with Ericsson and Intel to Complete the World's First 600 MHz 5G Call

    The New T-Mobile is touting its possibilities if allowed to merge with Sprint by completing the world's first 5G data call and video call on 600 MHz. Both calls were completed on a live commercial network. In addition, a tri-band 5G video call with 3 users on different spectrum bands - 600 MHz...
  10. cageymaru

    Marriott International Has Updated Information on the "Starwood" Data Breach

    Marriott International has provided an update to the "Starwood" data breach that was initially thought to have affected 500 million of its customers. After "working closely with its internal and external forensics and analytics investigation team" Marriott was able to determine that the number...
  11. cageymaru

    Employee's Porn Habit Infects U.S. Geological Survey Network with Malware Infection

    A government employee at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) used his work laptop to search over 9,000 porn web pages while on the U.S. Government's network. These pages were routed through Russian servers and contained malware. An investigation by the Office of lnspector General (OIG) into...
  12. S

    Affordable way to get a wired network to another room?

    In my office I have a wireless Cisco Linksys EA4500 router, it has 4x wired ports (which are all in-use right now). Now across the house I have setup some HW that requires 4x wired RJ-45 connections (the hardware is not WIFI ready) so I see 2 simple solutions: 1- Buy 2x switches one to...
  13. B

    Ethernet switch & IP addresses

    Hi, I have an Nvidia shield and computer in same room. I only have 1 eternet cable coming from an ASUS AC-68U router. I get weak wifi in this room so I want to put both Shield and my computer on wire. To do that, I plan on buying a regular 5 port unmanaged eternet switch. Each of the 2...
  14. Z

    WTB: Ubiquiti Network Stack

    Hello, I'm helping a nonprofit update their network (horrible slow 10MB Netgear/ home cisco setup) and looking to pick up some Ubiquiti stuff for cheap. Please help out! Network Stack requirements: 1x UniFi Security Gateway USG 1x UniFi Switch 48 US-48- (500w /750w) 2x UniFI 802.11ac Pro Acess...
  15. M

    Sluggish network performance

    I have a relatively new workstation set up on a 1GB wired ethernet card. The status says it is running at 1 GB. Whenever I transfer files or do anything over the network it is incredibly sluggish. To me it feels like a permissions, or security type issue -- I can't explain why exactly -- but...
  16. B

    Printer Connect Issue

    My laptop couldn't connect the the printer that in the other network segment in my office. Then I switch to another segment(differ from which the printer's in) and try to connect, everything's going fine. Wonder which part went wrong cause sometimes I need to use the original segment. Please...
  17. R

    Dish Allocating $1 Billion to Build 5G Network

    FierceWireless spotted a recent SEC filing from dish network that states “In March 2017, we notified the FCC that we plan to deploy a next-generation 5G-capable network, focused on supporting narrowband Internet of Things (“IoT”). The first phase of our network deployment will be completed by...
  18. R

    New Internet Fast Lane For First Responders

    During large disasters communications can be damaged, or jammed as networks get overloaded. A new company called FirstNet has come up with a "multi-node label routing protocol." The system uses the same internet as every other connection, but breaks down possible routes for internet traffic into...
  19. rec0d3

    QoS with DNS?

    Is it possible to do quality of service through DNS? Perhaps a service? If not, what is the best router to do this? I have Verizon FIOS and was looking at the nighthawk router by Netgear? Perhaps a Linksys router, I've always been fond of.
  20. E

    [FS/FT] Lenovo T450 Warranty 08/18 + Cisco Switches [W]Paypal, NUC or similar mini

    Lenovo T450 - Sold to Sarro
  21. G

    Wireless printing problem, help?

    Hello, haven't been to this forum for a while, but I came across a problem recently and thought this to be the best place to get some feedback. Also, I was not sure where to put something like this on the forum... Here is my problem. My network is as follows... ISP -Modem (Arris DG860)...
  22. E

    FS: D-Link AC3200 Router and Nighthawk R7000 Router

    Selling a couple routers. Both are in mint condition and come in original boxes. SOLD: Netgear Nighthawk R7000 - $75 shipped D-Link AC3200 router - $110 shipped Heat and Ebay references under "Elfear"
  23. Schtask

    IPV6 Transistion Tools Raise Security Concerns

    NATO's Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence has published a research paper claiming that IPv4 to IPv6 transition tools have security holes that can be utilized to create undetectable communications channels across networks. Through these channels an attacker could exfiltrate data and...
  24. G

    Position dependent (vertical or horisontal) motherboard issu

    Hi, Here's the configuration of the computer. Acer Aspire M5100 Model: AM5100-U5301A Motherboard: F690GVM (that's what Open Hardware Monitor shows) CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6000+ RAM: 4 sticks of 1GB DDR2 NANYA NT1GT64U8HBOBY-25D (looks like these are replaced as there's HP stickers on...
  25. R

    Change SSID on 2nd Router

    My main router (router 1) is a D-Link DIR-880L which is cat5 cable connected to my router2, a Linksys E1200. The Linksys (router2) is bridged using the same SSID and password so as to extend my wireless signal. The Cat5 cable connection between the routers is LAN to LAN. This setup works...
  26. T

    [DEAD] WTB: Network Cable Tracer / Tester

    I'm looking for a good deal on a network cable tracer. I need one with multiple numbered remotes I can plug in on the other side. I like the Fluke Microscanner, but anything similar will work. I don't need advanced testing - just the cable identification. I have iPad 2 and 4 for trade...
  27. H

    Infiniband IPoIB performance help.

    I recently bought two infiniband adapters. Forums sugest it is cabable for 32GbE for about the price of a10GbE adapter. Maybe someone here can help me: I have two Windows 10 Machines with two MHQH19B-XTR 40 Gbit Adapters and a QSFP cable in between. The Vlan manager is opensm. The connection...
  28. anabioz

    R9 290 / Z170X / i7 870 / DDR3 RAM / DDR3 ECC RAM / HD6950

    Got a few items for sale: Intel DP55WB + Core i7 870 Asking $145 shipped OBO DeepCool SteamCaste Asking $40 +Shipping Powercolor HD 6950 1GB AX6950 Asking $75 shipped OBO Intel Pro 1000 PT Quad Port Asking $65 shipped OBO 2 x 4GB ECC DDR3 REG Samsung 1600 $50 1 x 16GB ECC DDR3 REG...
  29. R

    Can an external client access an FTP server?

    The current network setup is like this: Company A has a network setup consisting of Cisco devices only. It has an FTP server where all files are stored and accessed. Company B has a different setup from A (no networking devices, only a wifi modem), and is in need of certain files from A...