Monitor IoT Activity on your Network (by giving up privacy to Princeton Researchers)


Extremely [H]
Oct 29, 2000

Many of us have been curious about what the hell our IoT is doing on our networks, how often it dials the mother ship and what it is sending. Researchers at Princeton University want to know too, and have started a project to collect data from IoT devices on your network to inform you, and to gain a better understanding of what the landscape out there actually looks like.

If you use either Mac or Linux (Windows version coming soon, there is a wait list to be informed) you can run the Princeton IoT Inspector to collect this data and analyze it. The hitch is, Princeton collects this data from your network as well.

So, if you care enough about privacy to want to know what your devices are doing, but not enough to care whether or not you are sending data to Princeton, this may be for you.
Just get a pi and install pi hole, then you don't have to share your datas
If you have the IoT devices on a separate subnet or vlan like you should, then (aside from networks with cameras and mics) there should be very little reason to worry about what prince(ton) gets.