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    My $0.15 Passive Hd cooler

    Without temp before and after shots i can only give stare in amazement of how ghetto that is.
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    The 66-Fan Case Mod!

    Someone finally beat my rig. damn.
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    My first mod: Alienware

    Thank you for the support and the criticism. I do have a few responses to the general comments 1. i chose the 80mms because i wanted 2 fans blowing in and 1 fan sucking air out. also, the height for the mod would have been changed because it would have been only 240mm tall as opposed to...
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    Conductive sleeving

    I'm looking into this wire sleeving but it is conductive. how would i ground the sleeving?
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    e6600 vs. 1066 ram

    but i get the higher multi.
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    e6600 vs. 1066 ram

    I'm debating what i should upgrade to and i need some help. should i get a new processor (e6600) or the patriot 1066 RAM? i'm trying to get the maximum overclock possible. if i get the 1066 i can push my proc much higher, and im getting liquid cooling so i know i can handle a good bit of heat...
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    My first mod: Alienware

    hey... not only are you completely wrong, but i already explained how very wrong you are. i said in the first post that i had only one original part from alienware, the fan. the fans lower my temps by 8c with my overclock. its a hiper power supply and i checked all my volts so my fluctuation is...
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    My first mod: Alienware

    i have the red fans like that because they are the exhaust fans. the vent there is for all of the exhaust and it glows really nicely with all the red fans.
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    open to any advice on going to water

    if money and space is not an object then it looks like one intense water cooling rig. but i don't see the purpose of cooling the nb and sb unless you are doing some seriously beyond intense overclocking. and especially since you are inexperience at water cooling i would suggest just the cpu and...
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    4 TT friends, my Armor LCS build!

    it would look so great if you painted the inside black
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    Air cooler for C2D?

    the idea of "is that feasible" is completely dependent on your ram and chip. if you have 667 ram it doesnt matter made if your cpu is at absolute zero, its not gonna hit 3.6. but if you have the capability to hit absolute zero you should sell that machine and buy 1066 ram
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    non conductive thermal paste

    i've been painting a bunch of my hardware white (for my Parepin mod) because i want my Lian-li to have a clean-room look to it. i took of the heatsink of my 8800gts and i painted it but now i want to put it back on the card. what would you guys recommend for thermal paste? should i stick with...
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    Air cooler for C2D?

    if you want something cheap, the artic freezer 7 is great. a cool mod would be to cut out a blowhole so that the case would fit the ultra, and you'd get better cooling too.
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    My first mod: Alienware

    I bought an alienware 2 years ago as my first computer. Only 1 piece of the original computer is still in there; the 120mm fan. you can see i cut the sides of the case (the black plastic) and added modder's mesh so that i have better airflow. The vent in the back of the case is for exhaust...