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    If you have beaten Bioshock 2 post here (spoilers!)

    Beat it, pretty short. I just used the security plasmid and sat back and repaired the bots.
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    Looking for a netbook that can play 720p

    My father runs 720p TV episodes on his MSI Wind u100, and I had no trouble with 720p content on my old Lenovo s10 with CoreAVC. The newest Flash beta is also helpful for netbooks.
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    Speaker and Headphone Rigs Picture Thread

    full size zero pre-amp/dac little dot mk III akg k701 beyerdynamic dt 770 pro ath-es7 head direct re2
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    Where do you guys get your games?

    ebay for 360 games. i got re5 for 25, fable ii for 22, and street fighter iv for 27 recently.
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    6th ave Name Your Own Price is back

    Offered 400 for canon xs kit and 450 for nikon d60, got 519 counteroffer for both.
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    Logitech Z-5500 Deals?

    The Z-5500s aren't that bad, especially if you listen through foobar2000 with wasapi output (google it for more info). I have a pretty good headphone setup, so I think I know good audio, and the Z-5500s are great for the price point. On that note, they are $250 at amazon, free shipping. Not a...
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    alright, not quite computer audio as much as audio in general

    vanns has energy rc-10s for $300...
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    Ebay Live Cashback.... back. 25%

    this really got my hopes up...
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    Need help silencing my Comp - No overclocking

    Something else to try: I just spent some time with a vacuum and a can of air cleaning my Antec 900, it is much, much quieter now. I think something got stuck in a fan causing it to rattle for the last few years.
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    Samsung T240HD Review + Pics

    Wow I totally forgot I wrote this big review. Anyway I had to adjust my chair, I was at maybe a 10% viewing angle and the top of the screen was much darker than the bottom. Now it is all good.
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    Ebay Buyers - Possible 35% CASHBACK from Microsoft

    Just bought a stratocaster for $250 shipped after cashback. Sweeeeet.
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    Alternative to iTunes for organization?

    with foobar 2000 file management you can copy your entire library to a specified folder with whatever paths you want. you have to check file management when you install foobar2000 as it doesn't install automatically though, so you may have to reinstall foobar2000.
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    Radioheads Entire 'Ok Computer' album for $1.99 @ Amazon

    The CD is lossless, the mp3s aren't.