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    That could be the reasons why its just a false report how it says this : Time to explain i clicked windows xp 32-bit it brought me to that page where it shows the 11.4 suite ati drivers... I download either one of them doesnt matter but when i click the setup.exe of it ... ATI...
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    The AMD Driver Bug Thread

    I'll just stick with older ATI/AMD drivers that work based on how their latest drivers most of them and the Upcoming ones they release 11.5 or 11.6 whatever ones.. will be buggy. Based on the same issue of ATI install manager saying its installing the suite but falsely not installing it. Im...
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    I honestly think whoever creates these ATI/AMD drivers should visit this site i doubt they even browsed these forums. Their I.Q.'s are very very very very very very very low. Im challenging them to come to these forums and make a thread Saying that they are wrong for releasing their Buggy...
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    Too bad they are glitchy and do nont work , lmao ATI dropped their name because AMD is a stronger name however ATI are not great anymore i installed 11.4 right.. and CCC doesnt exist anywhere on my windows xp 32-bit pc. Id advise ppl not to download 11.4's thanks.
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    8.7 out?

    Mostly i'll notice improvement from the 8.6 drivers. How everything is smooth and then like months later everything is still smooth as heck, its just my eyes would be playing tricks on me thinking everything isnt as smooth as it was when it was freshly upgraded.
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    PS3 and Tversity

    I use redkawa you install it on your PC and then you click on it and then on the ps3s web browser you go to the url after you click launch file server. And you'll be able to browse all the content you have on your pc and transfer it to your ps3 from music and movies.
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    Disgaea Question...

    You could try for help :)
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    PS3 equivelent to the RROD

    I dunno since Sony builds Reliable hardware very very well , but as of error's they would occur due to firmware conflictions with something inside the hardware but it doesnt litterally tear the console apart which is a great thing. So im saying its better to have errors which could be fixed...
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    New PS3's with Dual Shock 3?

    40gb is only available , but afterwhile they will re-release the 80gb with dual-shock3 and probably take 40gb off the shelves to give em' the dual shock 3 treatment.
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    So home is delayed AGAIN!!!

    I honestly think they will release HOME in 2008 possibly the end of 2008 like around October or November.
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    Kojima upset with Metal Gear Solid 4 and the PS3

    I hope kojima doesnt re-open the mgs story though like after MGS4 like having a spin-off mini franchise of 2 games using newer characters. It would be interesting but i dont blame him for letting this Epic saga sleep forever.
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    PS3 always getting shafted

    When Home arrives finally,in-game xmb, and the movie service i think thats when everything will be anchored in for Sony then more games will start to pour in more. :)
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    Kojima upset with Metal Gear Solid 4 and the PS3

    Yeah its like i remember seeing that trailer where raiden was in some helicopter and snake was holding em' , that was like he showed too much but it could be directed for that scene to be in the beginning lol. Overall out of apperciation those who have played all of the mgs games should pick...
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    Kojima upset with Metal Gear Solid 4 and the PS3

    It's Ps3s early life cycle still but over time i think hideo will release another exclusive franchise on the Ps3, and he will be proud of his work since how he would have alot of more time with his new project. But overall hideo and his team put alot of work into the last installment for the mgs...
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    Catalyst 8.2 is released!

    The new cats 8.2's are very stable no problems what so ever. No flickering or anything for me :)