Network pics thread

We started using VOLTE on Verizon now that it's enabled and free. It beats standing very still near certain windows on our house. :p
I am lucky. No deadzone for me. I think I would shoot myself if I had to provide the bandwidth for my phone to have actual connectivity for cell service :-(

If you provide the bandwidth for cell service does it count against your minutes and data (in the event that you aren't on WIFI for some reason?)
Figured to post up my colo space too. Share the space with a friend and mine are the supermicro stuff at the bottom. about 450GB of ram total and 20TB of disk.


What do you guys recommend for a small rack for a home closet? Going to eventually wire my house for Cat5e and put a POE switch 10/100/1000 in there with patch panel. I plan to eventually get the house with security cameras and a DVR unit. So I'd like to have that all mounted in a small neat rack in a closet that can mount on the wall with a door preferably. Also reasonable in price.

Thanks ahead of time.
Here's some new stuff I got for my rack. Not all of it will go in as the little boxes will be handed out to family so they can store things on my server from their home for free rather than paying for backup services.

Dell R720 - ESXI Box
2 x Xeon E5-2667
16 x 16GB DDR3 ECC (too much LOL)
2 x 250GB SSD (when I get them)
1 x Qlogic 2432 FC HBA 4Gbps

Dell R710 - FreeNAS box
1 x Xeon 5504
4 x 16GB DDR3 ECC (Taking from R720)
6 x 4TB Drives (when I get them)
1 x Qlogic 2432 FC HBA 4Gbps

Certes CEP1000,100,10 VSE (with 100Mb & 50Mb permanent licenses)

All of it was free from work :). Now I just need to find a good rack.
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It has been a while since I've posted. Enjoy!

Here's my existing weak sauce:


Project "I think I know what I'm doing..."


Basically I'm going to run to the cabinet and make everything all sexy and pretty. Pending power and cabling, oh and coax for cable modem, everything is going to the new MDF for my home... ETC: TBD

Got the cabinet for $30 bucks, had to pick up in a CL type deal, and the little basket thing was $4 bucks from the local Goodwill.

If you're curious, in the first pic, shitty UPS in the back, Untangle Appliances NG-25, and an 1810G-24. Also I already have the rack ears for my NG, so things are ready to rock and roll.
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I matched the paint to the wall. That's all the progress so far...


Also organized my keystones and plates in prep for running shit... Still need to order a rackmount keystone thing, and a 1U UPS...

Dragging ass...
Not my home network obviously, but this a small portion of what I work with every day. This is the smaller of the two cages in this location.

So that's Pornhub? :D

That's a shit ton of what looks like Supermicro's...
Yeah a lot of supermicro's in these 4 rows, the cold aisle in these rows is my fav place in the DC :D
Nah. although Netflix does have a cage in this DC . I work for a company that owns several webhosting brands and other things targeted at small business, like site builders, email services, mobile presence etc.
Some progress today.


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Today's progress, got the coax and gear moved to the new rack, wifi gives the house connectivity for now. Most of my clients were wired anyway, so this is better just by way of central MDF placement.

Today calls for some cleanup and additional wiring of patch cords...

Me again... Now that I'm hard wired. So hard... I pay for 200/20 BTW.

802.11n vs. Gigabit Ethernet uplink. You decide which is which... ;)

Thinking back, the initial migration was less than fun... Now the mini-blips in service for cleanup changes are a breeze.
- Jacks are now labeled with panel #'s
- WAP is labeled as WAP, because it's in the hot ass ceiling... It's PoE, so you can see how this might be useful.


Garage is fucking hot, it also has live jacks.


Double win, I sold some shit on Craigslist today.

Did I mention that I have to take the TV off the wall to finish this shit?
- Update: TV was a no go, too much effort, works fine on wifi...
- Update 2: Going to discuss a few Ubiquiti cameras and an NVR, as we ran extra cables in the most difficult spot to run cables in this house...
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Do you have Fiber or what kind of connection do you have??

In Holland (Wezep, The Netherlands) we have FTTH (Fiber to the home) this is an older facebook picture of my own connection :)


200/20 w/Time Warner Cable

I think there are a few rich neighborhoods with Gigabit fiber around these parts...
combined my AV cupboard and small 6U rack into a new 15U rack;


Mains PDU
Logitech Harmony Hub
MXQ Pro 4K Android Box
SuperMicro ESX Host
Onkyo TX-NR646
Synology RS815 NAS
Ubiquiti Unifi Switch
Patch Panel
Huweaiu HG612
Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite
Very slick setup! I assume that the cables we see in the background are going to network drops throughout the house?

Bingo. There are a bunch of Cat5e around the house (mostly used for cameras and phones), 8 speaker cables for the 7.1 system, a couple of fibre runs currently not connected and a couple of coax runs from the satellite also not currently connected.

The cabinet now has sides and glass door on too. Happy with how it turned out.Here's the before picture (and the amp etc aren't even in shot);