vr 3d

  1. E

    Half Life: Alyx

    Been playing this for 2 weeks now. Man, it is one of the best games I've ever played. VR is so well made for it. It is really scary at times. But this is the kind of game I expect to play in VR. I'm in awe how good it is. Even on my quest 2 with airlink.
  2. B

    new to VR and looking for purchase recommendations

    I am looking at jumping into the world of VR displays. I'm not in a hurry and don't mind waiting for new products to hit the market. I already have an RTX 2080 card. I'm wondering what might be my best options for the best VR experience available. thanks
  3. notarat

    According to the Zuck, my computer doesn't meet minimum specs

    But I'm pretty sure it does. He's an ass. I'ma try it out anyway
  4. hwfkwr

    What is the time split for your use of VR Headsets

    Hi, I want to own one, but I am not sure what I would be using this for. Someone gave me an Oculus GO as a gift and it is cool, but has limited use for me. Though I am curious about buying a Rfit. For those who own a Rfit/some other VR headset, what is the breakdown of time spent on it? Movies...
  5. C

    Pimax 8k and 5K+ reviews are up. And it's looking good!

    Mixed Reality TV SweViver VoodooDE VR (German - activate subtitles in Youtube for a running translation)
  6. Z

    Ryzen mobile hp x360 w r 5 2500u for mixed reality?

    Just ordered the HP mixed reality w controllers from Bbuy. I'm hoping the HP Ryzen Laptop can run mixed reality. It runs every game I've thrown at it. I do have a backup laptop though asus I7 with 1060 I know will run it. Ryzem machine a lot lighter to carry it does have 16gb and Nvme maybe that...
  7. S

    Headset for Sit down gaming and sims

    Best headset for sit down sims racing/flying/space? Would like 6dof to be able to look around things in an aircraft cockpit. Which does it better, the Oculus or HTC or other? Which has better sensors for this? Don't plan to move out of my seat.
  8. Supercharged_Z06

    Google Earth VR updates - Rift and Vive

    Major update concerning Google Earth, which among other things now has full Oculus Touch controller support and a search capability built into the VR interface now. If you have a VR rig and haven't tried this yet, it is fantastic. Best of all, it's completely free. Available via Steam...
  9. R

    VR & 3D Sound

    Is sound 3D? I know there's a lot of hoopla about VR and 3D visuals - but what about the sound? If I was to move my head to the left, does the sound stay where it is on the sound stage or will it move with my head?
  10. S

    Games with unofficial VR support

    I'm still not sold on getting a Vive, I haven't seen any games that makes me decide. Are there any games with unofficieal VR support? I've read that Alien Isolation kind of works but has issues, any games that are playable?
  11. dr.stevil

    VIVE Owners, Accessories now available!

    If you want an extension cable (for the USB on headset), more foam face pads or nose pads, you can now order them :) just picked up 4 new foam pads Vive | Accessory looking forward to seeing new strap designs to replace the stocker
  12. A

    pre-order not filled. BUT YOU CAN BUY A RIFT!!

    I know some people who still have not received thier pre-orders. But it seems you can now buy a Rift on Amazon. Amazon.com: Oculus Rift: Video Games Personally, I'll stick to my HTC Vive. HTC Vive on Steam Axe
  13. E

    VR Headset or 42ish inch 4k?

    I am hoping to speak with people who have experienced both. I currently have (well see below) 5760*1080. 4k would drop my left to right world by 1/3 and increase top to bottom by 100%. Pretty nifty. I've see the VR games demoed here and there. I dont have a spare room. I would like to be able...
  14. J

    So a question on this VR stuff

    So I was born being able to see out of my right eye only. The left eye is legally blind. But I can see colors of things, etc. But in reality, I only see out of the right eye. Will VR work with me and my issue?
  15. O

    Elite: Dangerous Locked to 44fps while using Vive

    Hi guys, I am having serious trouble getting Elite: Dangerous to work on the HTC Vive. I get lots of stuttering when looking around (though not while moving, oddly). EVGA precision reports 44fps in the game window that displays on the monitor. I don't know if this framerate is necessarily the...