1. C

    Razer Blackwidow full USB C conversion

    Hi all, I'm planning on adding a proper fully working USB C port to my Razer Blackwidow keyboard through an add on kit. I've already done some cool projects like creating a Raspberry Pi PWM fan controller and converting a Switch to use a Raspberry Pi for gamestreaming, but back on topic. I...
  2. T

    HOT - Razer - DeathAdder Elite Wired Optical Gaming Mouse with Chroma Lighting $25

    Grabbing one of these as well. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/razer-deathadder-elite-wired-optical-gaming-mouse-with-chroma-lighting-black/5588909.p?skuId=5588909
  3. T

    HOT - TODAY ONLY- Razer BlackWidow Essential Wired Gaming Mechanical Green Switch Keyboard $55

    I put in for one myself! https://www.bestbuy.com/site/razer-blackwidow-essential-wired-gaming-mechanical-razer-green-switch-keyboard-with-back-lighting-black/6358612.p?skuId=6358612
  4. AlphaAtlas

    Asus and Razer Want To Make a "Gaming" Smartphone with Tencent

    A recent report from the Taiwanese news site Digitimes claims that Razer and Asustek are both in talks with the Chinese gaming giant Tencent over the release of a "gaming smartphone that supports Tencent's games." Asus's recently released ZenFone Max Pro is reportedly the last "consumer"...
  5. AlphaAtlas

    HP and Razer Tease Laptops with OLED Displays

    New display tech is a big theme at CES 2019, and it isn't limited to sizes over 40". In addition to some high refresh rate LCDs, both HP and Razer teased laptops with 4K OLED panels. Like its 13" predecessor, HP's new Spectre x360 15" will come with an option for a 4K HDR touchscreen OLED. While...
  6. AlphaAtlas

    Razer Launches Idle "Mining" App

    Razer just launched an application called "Softminer" that "utilizes your idle GPU processing power to supplement distributed network needs for the mining process." They stop short of detailing what the program actually "mines," but instead of rewarding you with cryptocurrency like a regular...
  7. AlphaAtlas

    Razer Launches Their Second Phone

    Razer launched the "Razer Phone 2" today, and it retains many features that made Razer's first phone stand out. Like the original, it has a 120hz 2560x1440 LCD with support for variable refresh rate input, HDR content, and a 120hz touch sampling rate. Combined with the Snapdragon 845, a vapor...
  8. cageymaru

    Competition Heats up in the Global Gaming Notebook Market

    Asustek and MSI have previously dominated the global gaming notebook sector, but that is changing according to Digitimes. First tier notebook makers such as HP, Dell, Acer and Lenovo have unveiled new gaming notebooks that are directly competing with the offerings from MSI and Asustek. Lenovo...
  9. R

    New Razer Keyboard Features "Opto-Mechanical" Switches

    Razer has released a pair of new keyboards that feature their new "opto-mechanical" switches. The switches are available in the new "Razer Huntsman Elite" and "Razer Huntsman" keyboards. The switches use an infrared beam of light, that is broken when the key is depressed, and allows light to...
  10. F

    Razer Orochi (2015) - New batteries, will not power on or go into pairing mode

    I know this seems like a dumb thread but i have a barely used razer orochi 2015 mouse that i have been using wired for a while now. i put in brand new batteries today and when i flip the power button for wireless nothing happens, no lights no action. so i tried to put it into pairing mode by...
  11. DooKey

    Razer Launches Their Own Game Store

    Razer has joined the ranks of companies that want to sell you games. Their platform is the Razer Game Store and they will sell you a Steam or Uplay game code that will earn you rewards towards a Razer product. Overall I like what they're doing and since I like some of their products I'll...
  12. FrgMstr

    XSPC Razer Neo Waterblock for GTX 1080 Ti Unboxing

    We wanted to share with you our first experience with the XSPC Razer Neo waterblock for NVIDIA's GTX 1080 Ti. We will be doing testing this week as well as showing you the Founders Edition card breakdown and builds as well. Edt: Worth mentioning is that is a tempered glass window, not acrylic.
  13. Q

    Razer Thresher Ultimate wireless headphones

    Does anyone have these headphones? I could do with a better set than my Soundblaster Tactic Rage. I've not found any actual user reviews, and reviews of Razer's previous headset indicate build quality issues.
  14. FrgMstr

    Razer Ripped Off at CES 2017

    Last week we showed you that Razer was showing off a prototype laptop with three 4K foldout screens to support widescreen gaming with AMD's Eyefinity or NVIDIA's Surround. It looks like some folks got the good idea to alleviate the Razer staff from having to carry those around any more...
  15. cageymaru

    Project Ariana by Razer. Brings the projector to your wall mounted display in new ways.

    Project Ariana is a projector unlike you've ever seen before. Kinda reminds me of the Philips Hue system?, but completely different. Watch the videos from Twitter to get a feel how it works. Basically it extends your screen onto the wall. http://www.razerzone.com/project-ariana Saw it over...
  16. cageymaru

    OSVR HDK 2 - Open Source Head-mounted display for OSVR is $299 @Amazon

    OSVR HDK 2 - Open Source Head-mounted display for OSVR- Works with SteamVR and OSVR experiences is on a 25% off sale that makes it $299 instead of $399. This is the open source headset that Razer and numerous other companies are supporting. It has Steam support now for VR titles on Steam...
  17. B

    Razer deadadder chroma vs Razer deadadder elite

    i was gonna buy Razer deadadder chroma, but i saw Razer deadadder elite($10 more). but im not professional gamer+i want a good mouse