Aug 27, 2020
Hi all,

I'm planning on adding a proper fully working USB C port to my Razer Blackwidow keyboard through an add on kit. I've already done some cool projects like creating a Raspberry Pi PWM fan controller and converting a Switch to use a Raspberry Pi for gamestreaming, but back on topic. I plan on creating a board that fits into the shell and plugs straight into the 12 pin header for the integrated cable, the board would use a USB chip that would talk to the keyboard and the USB pass through port as well as a small audio DAC chip that would allow the headphone and mic ports to still function. All this would go to a USB C port that just acts like a normal single USB port that you can plug any USB C cable into and use the keyboard like any other keyboard with a USB C port on the back. A kit would basically include the converter board, a 12pin cable to connect it to the Keyboard's PCB and possibly a 3D printed mounting bracket for the USB C port.
(The whole kit would be tool-less and just plug into the existing keyboard making it completely reversible) I'm happy to get into the details and get some feedback as well as share some of the PCB designs.

But as most of the parts I'm going to order have a minimum order quantity I was interested in seeing if anyone here would want a kit to convert their own keyboard before I order the parts for myself.