Razer Orochi (2015) - New batteries, will not power on or go into pairing mode


Jun 13, 2018
I know this seems like a dumb thread but i have a barely used razer orochi 2015 mouse that i have been using wired for a while now. i put in brand new batteries today and when i flip the power button for wireless nothing happens, no lights no action. so i tried to put it into pairing mode by holding 4 side buttons but no blue light. yes it sounds like its toast on that front but wired is working just fine.

i did open up the mouse and i didnt see anything wrong with the PCB or the buttons. Does anyone have any last resort suggestions?

thanks in advance
What are you (attempting) to connect it to?
I cant even get it to go into power mode, when I switch to power on, no lights come up (brand new batteries), so I attempt to press all side buttons at the same time to put the mouse into pairing mode and the blue led between the left and right mouse buttons never comes on. So I haven't even gotten to pairing it to anything yet.