1. Zarathustra[H]

    Livingroom Home Theater Entertainment Stand in front of (non-functional) Fireplace (IKEA Hack)

    Hey all, Figured I'd share a little project I just assembled. In our new house there is a fireplace in the living room which cannot be used, and it is in exactly the spot where it makes the most sense to stand the TV. The raised stone slab in front of the fireplace caused a lot of issues...
  2. T

    Want to get tiny fanless system for streaming

    Hi folks... I'm looking into fanless systems to use for audio and video streaming around my house. Currently, I have a full-on HTPC under my TV, running Windows 7 x64, chock full of storage and great audio and video cards. The issue is, 1) it uses lots of power, 2) I have to remember to turn it...
  3. R

    Which Laptops have HDMI 2.0 Ports?

    So after buying a 4K OLED TV, and wanting to test out HDR, I am in the market for a laptop to serve as a HTPC to connect to my NAS. (I also need a new laptop). The TV is LG OLED65B7A Series B7. I had decided on the Acer Aspire E 15 E5-576G-5762 for its Kabylake CPU and MX150 GPU. Then it...
  4. T

    Gigabyte GV-N75TOC-2GI on Antec NSK-1380's 350W power supply

    Hi, I currently have a few spare parts laying around and I'd like to build a gaming HTPC. The case I want to use is an Antec NSK-1380, its power supply comes in a non-standard form factor, it's rated for 350 watts, is 80+ certified (white) and doesn't have any PCI-E connectors. As the power...
  5. S

    Need Wisdom: Pentium G3260T adequate?

    I'm finally getting ready to set up a very small HTPC to manage my digital library. The system I'll be using has a DisplayPort output capable of 1080P (but not 4K) that will be used to connect to my TV via a DP to HDMI cable. The system will have an internal 1TB HDD and also access media on my...
  6. J

    Smallest Mac Mini with Kabylake

    Recently I replaced my Desktop with small form factor PC. It is an excellent experience when customizing a computer. Now I present you my tiny HTPC that runs MacOS Sierra. It doesn't have any Graphics card because my aim is to make it smaller, so I'm using the Intel HD Graphics. HTPC...
  7. R

    Budget HTPC spec for 4k HDR x265 HEVC 10bit?

    Hi all, As I am considering buying a Shield TV for my Samsung KS8000, I was wondering if a HTPC wouldn't be a better/more future proof option. My budget would be around 500 EUR. As I already own a copy of Windows 10 and PowerDVD 17, I was wondering what would be the most optimum setup I could...
  8. waseem

    My new HT Video

    Hello all, This is my new HT video hope you like it Regards :)
  9. bluesynk

    Multiple zone htpc?

    Just moved my pc to the livingroom for an htpc tv vive setup. Have a second zone with an avr and monitor at my desk. There have been setup headaches but everything is pretty much working. However there have been a few things I haven't found good solutions for and would like some advice rather...
  10. MavericK

    4K HEVC Playback

    So, I recently purchased a 4K TV and tried playing some 4K video on my HTPC with disappointing results. The video is either completely choppy/unwatchable or still exhibits stutter, depending on the video sample. Specs: Phenom II X4 965 Black 8 GB DDR3 GTX 970 It appears my HTPC will not play...
  11. Zarathustra[H]

    Kodi v17.0 “Krypton” Release Candidate 4

    I know a bunch of you, like me, use Kodi for your media center needs. With today's announcement of Release Candidate 4, Team Kodi is getting close to releasing their next v17 release. Personally I'm both looking forward to, and dreading the next release of Kodi. While every new release...
  12. D

    Xolid 13 – Show-off ITX case with clear side panel and extensive compatibility

    Hey, guys, I am here to share my PC case project called Xolid 13. Concept Rendering [Update] Our third prototype is finally here Empty chassis (front) and assembled Front panel, lower end One configuration with ITX motherboard, 240mm radiator, full sized VGA card, and SFX power supply...
  13. TriangleDragon

    Super small 5L PC w/ full size GPU

    Hello all, I just thought I would post some details of a PC I recently built: The original case was an E Mini 2010 (£40), some modifications are necessary to fit a dual slot graphics card. To improve the appearance and reduce the dimensions of the case the front panel was replaced with a...
  14. grifter_66

    Vive/Rift Audio Setup Questions

    Quick question... My primary gaming PC is in my living room and doubles as an HTPC. I have it hooked up to my receiver via HDMI which is required for Dolby Digital HD/Atmos and DTS-MA/DTS-X. Originally I planned on just plugging in the headset as a display but use my existing speakers for audio...
  15. Hielo_loco

    How can I prevent my PC from hanging when dealing with a scracthed bluray?

    Hi everybody, I have been trying to play a couple of mildly scratched Bluray discs on my pc's bluray drive and power dvd 15. When the computer tries to read the scratched sectors, it chokes, sputters, and ultimately hangs indefinitely, forcing me to hit ctrl alt delete. The same thing happens...