Case for old desktop-gaming PC into new HTPC/couch-gaming PC.

How should I reformat my hardware?

  • Air cooling & new GPU

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  • Existing liquid cooling w/ new pump, reservoir and a *case I link below*

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  • ~Existing liquid cooling w/ new pump, reservoir, 240mm rad; any-ish HTPC case.

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Supreme [H]ardness
Jan 15, 2006
Alright, hardware problems, please help:

I want:
  • an HTPC form factor; reasonably sized (fits in my ikea media shelf, < 55cm wide by < 25cm tall by < 40cm deep)
  • something quiet; my current swiftech dual pump thing is too loud.
  • to spend less than $500 CAD (~$400 USD)
  • a graphics card that will run Diablo 4 on SteamOS decently
so the poll is:

Solution 1: Air cooling, new GPU; purchase a new GPU and an air cooler for existing CPU.
Solution 2: Air cooling, existing GPU; purchase a "for parts" radeon RX 5700 XT, cannabilize its cooler, buy a new air cooler for existing CPU
Solution 3: existing liquid cooling; buy a new pump and reservoir, and **a case I know in that i put in the comments**
Solution 4: new 240mm radiator, pump, reservoir, and one of the HTPC cases that will fit it