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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread Part 2

    I'll paypal or Amazon giftcard/payments anyone wishing to get rid of bitcoins mined
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    Do I really need a dedicated firewall for home use

    Get rid of the kids, that'll free up lots of time
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    T1 vs Cable

    Add a peplink multiwan router and combine as many as possible
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    RAM Monitoring Program

    What's it mean to "stream"
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    SIP Trunks for home use

    another +1 for flowroute using as a backup
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    Reliable Hard drives?

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    are the rts like rise of nations gone?

    zero k
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    Monitor another computer's GUI

    Which VNC you use? there are many kinds
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    Conference Room Upgrades

    Maybe this can help?
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    steam and 720x480

    Some crap I got from the previous Star Wars Pack, Just Cause 1, and a few others
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    WinRar vs 7zip

    This is very true That's why you write a cron script :D
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    Bandwidth Shaping

    Not sure, first thing I did was put dd-wrt stdkong on it Defaults are not [H]
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    steam and 720x480

    Maybe he is confusing Steam with Valve I have at least... more than three games bought through Steam. Team Fortress 2 - adjust resolution after starting the game and going to the options WITHIN THE GAME. So that means I have set it to windowed mode at some stupid resolution like 800x480...
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    Bandwidth Shaping

    I just noticed when I updated today to Toastmans lated Tomato USB build for my Asus RT N16 that it can do b/w limiting and shaping as per mac address As usual, if you had a Mikrotik this would be really easy, just use queues, or linux iptables and I'm sure pfsense has someweird ass way to do it
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    Facebook screw up?

    You don't want to move to 5 cuz it's outdated 6.0.2 is out HAR HAR HAR :)