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    Fire sale part 2?

    Seeing as they're getting out of the consumer market, this is a moot point.
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    How many tablet manufacturers are in the US?

    But then on the other hand, not everyone got in on the 99$ deal. I wanted one but didn't so I'll keep on saving until I can afford a Transformer or another tablet. It'll hurt the market, but it will recover in time.
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    New Touchpad Owner, App Suggestions?

    Can't order from B&N. I'm in Canuckistan. Send me one IceDigger <3
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    New Touchpad Owner, App Suggestions?

    Yeah, I didn't think they'd sell out around here, but I guess the city is more connected than I gave it credit for. Oh well, I'm going to go around to the stores tommorow just in case one pops out of nowhere.
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    New Touchpad Owner, App Suggestions?

    Damn, just checked all my local computer stores online stock and none have them. I would have jumped on either model at that price. Been eager to grab a tablet for a while, and at that price you can't go wrong. EDIT: whole bunch for sale on Kijiji for 300$ though, assholes :mad:
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    What do you use your tablet for?

    I'm looking at getting a tablet for light internet usage around the house and outdoors, as a media player out and about and especially when travelling with my hockey team since our bus's will all be equipped with wifi starting this season. Will likely buy a Nook Color soon :)
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    Best Android Tablet?

    I've never had a tablet, and after playing with my boss's iPad for a while, I really want one. And after a little reading, I've pretty much settled on getting a Nook Color and rooting it once the funds become available later this summer, unless something better comes up, which I highly doubt...
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    Live messenger 2011 is massive

    Nice, I'm going to do that too. Downloaded the new version without knowing on a new computer and I'm not liking it at all.
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    Opera 10.63 Is Out

    Another Opera user reporting in, been using it since version 4.something. Actually had a paid license for it too.
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    Its High Noon! Red Dead Redemption released

    No kidding. I didn't even know about this game until 3-4 days ago... Bought it on Saturday and I can't stop playing. Probably my favorite 360 game so far. I'm only still in Armadillo but I'm playing it quite a bit still. Love the hunting bit hehe
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    Iphone on Tmobile (I have free edge?)

    First time I hear of a network not charging per use without a Data plan and also not getting texts if you don't have a plan... sounds like a lot of lost money on the networks part :p
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    BB Tour 960 won't do ANYTHING.

    Just got one today, and have been playing with it all day long. No issues at all.
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    New Blackberry Messenger 5.0 with threaded messaging!

    AWESOME! The threaded text messaging was one of the things (along with budget) holding me back from going to a BlackBerry from my Touch Diamond. That's great news!
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    vertigo has it right, come back to irc you fool!

    vertigo has it right, come back to irc you fool!
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    new psp 3000 model for under $85