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    Network Thermostat

    I have the nest. It's super nice and I will buy it again if this one ever dies or I buy a new house. I'm quite certain it does need to be connected to the internet as it reports your usage info to their servers (from which you'll get monthly energy reports) it also pulls down updates as they...
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    iTunes quick question

    You can also drop them in the "Automatically Add to iTunes" directory within your iTunes folder and iTunes will add them to your library and move them to where they need to go.
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    Just got an Apple TV...worth using?

    I pass to iTunes as part of my perl script. After the file is tagged, I move it to the "Automatically Add to iTunes" folder which then automatically picks up and adds it based on the metadata. I'm going to have to review the api on and see how to pass the English setting to it.
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    Just got an Apple TV...worth using?

    Um, multiplexing "aka muxing" is taking multiple parts and joining them in to one. Or taking an audio track and joining to to a video track. Trans-coding would be a more appropriate term even if all you're doing is changing the container. I guess if your file is already tagged, etc then...
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    Just got an Apple TV...worth using?

    I tried switching to Roku and found they are complete garbage. Interface is horrific, they are terrible at streaming anything local, and they are slow and cumbersome. I had three, I've given them all away. Around the the home my primary streaming device for my TVs are AppleTVs. I have one on...
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    SMTP experts, question?

    I'm not sure what you're trying to gain by adding a dot? IMO, their email address should be the same as their usernames. Their email addresses should also not change due to a about a nightmare. Also, I've come across many devices (network devices in particular) that do not...
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    server room of doom

    You said commercial tile, but what kind specifically? Is this raised floor tile or is this ceramic tile? If it's ceramic, is it anti-static? If it's not specifically anti-static ceramic tile (or raised data center tile) then just know that ceramic tile actually builds a shit ton of static...
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    External IP Address

    No clue, haven't used Windows in ages.
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    External IP Address

    Why make it so difficult? Curling almost any of those sites will work. e.g. curl -s $ curl -s <my external ip> $
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    What's your pick for a hosting service?

    Pretty much exactly my same story. I started with shared hosting accounts, knew I could do it better (after trying dozens of different providers) so I moved to a VPS...again knew I could do it better so I moved to a dedicated server. Now today I have started my own small hosting company all...
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    iTunes needs to die. Immediately.

    Have you thought about "select all, right-click, download"??? Easy way to download all your songs.
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    Who here hosts a web server on a cable connection?(dynamic IP)

    lol, thanks for the quality education on how DHCP works. This whole thread proves your broad statement is incorrect. Just because the ISP you worked for did it that way doesn't mean all do it that way. Your statement may have been correct for your ISP but it's too broad of a statement to say...
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    Creating a site for selling computers

    Ummm...if you are starting a store front/e-commerce site, I would start with a piece of e-commerce software, not a blogging software that can be made to work. Check out Open Cart, it's simple to install, simple to design, and simple to list products and take payments through.
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    Best domain service?

    Namecheap, I personally have nearly 100 domains that I own and currently they are mostly with GoDaddy, I'm in the process of moving them over to namecheap. I'm tired of the GoDaddy attitude that they can do whatever they want because they are so big. Reality is, Namecheap is probably pretty...
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    Wired Home Network Setup....

    Yes, heat could be an issue. Depends on how hot and humid it gets where you are at. Ideal temperature for most things like this is around 74-78 degrees (that where most DCs cold rows are set to). Reality is, it may or may not be fine. I've had many routers that would over heat if they did...