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    Should I take off the waterblock ?

    Going to get a 2070 Super and don't plan to watercool it at this time and possibly never will. Currently have 1070 Strix 08G model witih a EK waterblock on it. Should I leave the block on and see if someone wants it that way or put the fan assembly back on and let them install themselves ...
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    Looking for a good budget DAC + headphone amp for gaming

    Get it on Amazon, no shipping if you have prime ( or a friend who does )...
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    Soundcard or external USB

    I'm between Creative Sound Blaster Z and Schiit Fulla 3. The Creative scares me because of the driver/ software issues.
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    Soundcard or external USB

    I have one of those cheap Syba USB sound cards , problem I have is headset splits to a Y cable which can't reach from my DAC and back to the Syba, if that would even solve the interfence issue
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    Soundcard or external USB

    I understand the confusion, lol. I mainly bought them for FPS since they really don't have low end and they have a higher high I need for footsteps and such. I'm still using my HD's for music and general listening. I did use them with my DAC and they got very loud, but unfortunately, as soon...
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    Soundcard or external USB

    Currently have a pair of Sennheiser 598SE that I use with a Fiio DAC. and my Samson MIC, sound level are very good with either of these. If I plug my cans into the motherboard directly ( Aorus X570 Elite ) I probably get about half the volume of the DAC or by using the Samson mic headphone...
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    Best Router for Gaming / Streaming

    ISP is 400/20 I have a couple un-managed gigabit switches
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    New house intranet wiring

    Good info here, in the process of building my own house....well, still about 6-8 months, just broke down Nicklebon, I don't see where he demanded anything, he did say " please "
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    Best Router for Gaming / Streaming

    Currently have a Asus 68u which was provided by Tmobile for use as a mobile hotspot since signal was terrible in my house. The wifi calling has a lot to be desired so the gave me a actual cellspot and I need to return the router. What is the best router in the 200 dollar range which provides...
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    2080 vs 2080 Super

    I absolutely love my monitor, it isn't going anywhere soon. Asus ROG 27" 165 hz G-Sync. Yes it was expensive back when I got it, but I don't regret it at all. Looks like I'm going 2080 Super, any recommendations as to which one ? I don't really OC and will water cool it. No brand...
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    2080 vs 2080 Super

    Thanks for the detailed reply. I mostly play CSGO, but really want to get into other things. Only game really on my radar is Fallen Jedi and from what I see from youtube it runs around 90 fps, not sure of the refresh rate. FYI, I have a gsync monitor.
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    2080 vs 2080 Super

    I'll start off by saying I won't buy the Ti, way over my budget. I'm down to these two cards. I'm between the 2080 and the Super, I'll be running at 1440p @ 144/ 165 hz. What has been everyone's experiences with these cards at those settings ? Processor is a 3600 on x570, might got to to...
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    Want to upgrade video card

    Currently have a 1070 and I'm considering a 5700XT. Only thing holding me back is my monitor, a Asus 165 hz 2560x1440 GSync. Would I be a fool for going AMD or should I just get a 2070 Super ?
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    Is my Ryzen running hot ?

    Chalk it up to bad thermal paste application. While I had the loop drained, I popped the block off and had very little paste in the middle of the CPU, it was all at the edges. Idling around 30 to 31 and peaking at 51 according to Ryzen Master.
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    Loop not draining

    I was still running my loops with just straight distilled, needed to empty that out and add in my new mix of biocide and distilled.. I just took the output of the radiator off put a piece of scrap PETG in it, opened the drain valve and blew and most everytihing drained