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    ASUS GeForce GTX 670-DC2T-2GD5 (TOP OC-ed Model) IN STOCK-Amazon!!!

    Bought one today, $437 shipped. Not bad.. Thanks for the heads up ;)
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    H100 Mod -Homemade Copper pipe rad, need advice

    As many have already said its pretty ghetto and is likely to perform worse, but please don't let that discourage you :D Take lots of pics:p
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    Radeon 4890 vs 4850

    personally wouldn't bother, those things are furnaces if you can deal with the heat its not a bad boost for 20$
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    Your favorite MP3 software?

    foobar2000 w/ metro theme infinitely configurable to your every preference if you're willing to take the time to do it
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    Possible to replace Zalman fan? possible
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    Gaming Snacks

    Nuts are good. Some wasabi/soy sauce almonds, smoked almonds, or just plain old roasted peanuts. *Drool* :p
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    Upgrade from Core i7 940 to the i72700K ?

    Is your 940 overclocked?
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    In Ear Vs Over Ear

    I have the MEE A151s, nothing to complain about. It came with plenty of tips. Also dig it because of the balanced armatures and nicely braided cables.
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    Seasonic X Series Owners!

    None here.
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    Fake Nvidia GPU's/Cards Circulating

    wood screws
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    After a long road, I think I may have a stable clock.

    lower temps and voltage is always better :D
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    8gb G.skill 1333 ddr3 & 4gb flash drive $44.99 - shellshocker 3PM PST

    You can't use codes on items with free gifts unless you add another item. I added a pair of cheap earbuds and used the 10$ code and it worked then. 40.98 shipped :D
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    One month, three mobos up in smoke (literally)

    Could it be possible that you are doing it wrong? Get someone else to test your shit mang. J/K you must seriously have some bad luck, or bad power :confused:
  14. M HOT DEALS! 6/21 - 6/27

    pretty sure companies can't do rebates as well..
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread

    radeon 58xx series is codenamed Cypress