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    So duke nukem forever is almost done

    Time, bah! Prey was announced in 1995, shown a couple late 90s E3s, but wasn't released until 2006. It turned out to be a pretty decent game that sold well, so I wouldn't count Duke out at this point. Personally, I dont care how long it has taken. I played the Duke games when they came out and...
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    Microsoft Songsmith Creates Music for Your Lyrics

    It's like a crazy elevator music version with lyrics! hahaha
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    Windows 7 Beta Goes Public

    I'm curious about the speed. I am initially going to be running it on an older system; Athlon XP 2Ghz.
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    Windows 7 Beta Goes Public

    I would gladly give it to you if it weren't for my test system being x86. I was just trying to get the 64 key in case I decide to give it a shot on my main.
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    Windows 7 Beta Goes Public

    I got a key for the x86 version. I just kept refreshing the blah page it sends you to after email verification and after a couple of hours of seeing the "please check back in the next business day" message it finally loaded a page and gave me a key...
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    How do I get my video onto Windows?

    You can use Windows Movie Maker (not the best out there, but its there). But, if the camera is anything like mine or many others out there, USB only works for using it like a webcam. I have to use the firewire connection to transfer video.
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    Vista RTM: Your imprssions?

    Why do people keep saying Vista RTM like it's a version? It isnt a version! RTM (released to manufacturing) is synonymous with going gold. Micosoft announced Vista went gold by saying it went RTM. The version you have, assuming it is build 6000 and no crazy late show stoppers come up, is final.
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    Vista free upgrade coupon question

    Because they are as ignorant about it as many consumers seem to be? Go to the link I posted and read what it says. Other than that, I have a part-time job at a major retailer and I have known exactly what MS was going to be offering since well before they announced it to the public. And while...
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    Vista free upgrade coupon question

    FYI - You dont get a free upgrade to Vista by just buying XP MCE OS by itself. You have to buy a new PC with XP MCE, Tablet, or XP Pro on it to get the upgrade. And yes, they do require you show them the receipt fom the PC purchase...
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    Vista upgrade coupon warning..?

    Sorry man, but Microsoft clearly stated the free upgrade program is ONLY for those who purchase a new PC that came with XP MCE, XP Tablet, or XP Pro between Oct 26, 2006 and Mar 15, 2007. Nothing in their news release, or on their site states anything about getting a free upgrade if you just...
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    Why don't we have video cards that offer free FSAA yet?

    You can get "free" AA in plenty of games.....that are old. The thing you are failing to see in the quest for "free" AA, even after years of it being available as an option, is everything else in rendering technology and features didn't just stand still and let AA take over. We would have...
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    Duke Nukem Forever resurfaces

    I wouldn't count them out just yet. Seems many people dont realize, or simply forgot they first announced Prey in 1995. It was even shown at e3 in 97 or 98. Now it's finally near release, and looks like it could be a pretty damn good game. Hopefully Duke will also be a great game.
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    Is Cell the next best thing?

    Wow, this thread was started to ask if Cell was the next best thing and evolved into a discussion over how crappy EA is and who published Halo.. lol All I know about Cell processor is 1. Have you seen one lately? It's a damn vapor processor and 2. Before deciding to go with Intel, Steve Jobs...
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    Vertical Sync [Vsync]

    Ok, if the card is "consistently" not able to render a frame in time, that means it simply cant perform at 75fps at all. Of course that also means even with VSync disabled it's still going to be unable to perform at 75fps. Probably wont even be close. So performance isn't really going to be...
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    Vertical Sync [Vsync]

    I'm not sure what you are using to make you think using VSync on a 100Hz display nets you 50fps every time it goes below 100, but I never have that problem. I haven't seen that happen in any game. And in the other post you bring up mouse lag? Holy crap if I got mouselag from having VSync on I...