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    HandBrake BluRay DTS-HD to DTS

    recoding the dts-HD to dts is a little dirty. Use makemkv to rip the Blu-ray. When ripping just select the base dts sound track and leave the dts-HD on the disc. Then pass it though handbrake and use the dts pass through for the audio track.
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    775 motherboard with new gfx card

    Bit cheaper Wouldn't worry about...
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    Best Buy Trying To Copy Apple's Look

    looks more like the Buy More.
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    All Time Best Motherboard ?

    In no particular order. DFI NFII Ultra Infinity (basically nForce2 Lanparty but without the gimmick, still runs AFAIK) DFI Lanparty NF4-SLI-D (Took my Athlon 64 3200+ to 2.75ghz and later Opteron 165 to 2.6-2.8, still running near 24/7 as home server at stock survived a psu death last...
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    If you disable Indexing to prolong lifespan of SSD, how do you stream videos to Xbox?

    Setup UPNP and share the folders out over the network old skool styley. Or store the media on a HDD and just disable indexing on the SSD
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    Dell U2412M Just Died

    Scroll down the page a bit and you will find an awesome laptop advert. looks like its got the add on for the Nintendo 3DS years early.
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    Is upgrading from X58/i7 920 to Z68 /2600K worth while?

    I'm running a very similar setup to you. I've seen an i5 2500k running and yes it is faster. But imho not that much faster to make it worthwhile an upgrade. I've yet to come across a game that makes my i7 920 sweat. Maybe native SATA3 would be handy other than that though I don't think it's...
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    Duke Nukem Foreveer PC Gamer - 1999

    Here in the UK it was all about PC Zone. Still cant believe its gone, though it was like a zombie for the last couple of years.
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    Blu Ray playback help please

    Random thought is the mobos SATA controllor set to ahci mode?
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    HDMI Splitter?

    Why use a splitter. Just use the vid cards multi outputs and switch within windows.
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    My PowerMac G5 Build Log

    Late suggestion... What didnt you mount the psu in the front at the bottom and leave the HDD bays intact? then just run a kettle extension from the back panel into it. Like on the Lian-Li A05.
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    Favorite GPU you have owned?

    I have a soft spot for the 6600 GT, a quick look at my gpu history will show you why. ATI Rage Pro 8mb, Nvidia RivaTNT2 32mb, Geforce 2 MX 32mb, Geforce FX5200 128mb :'( Geforce 6600GT 128mb AGP, Geforce 6600GT 128mg PCI-E, Geforce 7800GT, Geforce 7800GT SLI, Geforce 8800 GTS 640mb, Geforce...
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    MW2, No Dedicated Servers, PB, 9v9 limit, leaning, etc etc

    My net connection cant handle hosting L4D (none of my friends connections can either) MW2 should be fun. :(
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    Wierd issues with new i7 build, cant install OS

    60gb IDE HDD and 1gig of ram... Seriously you would have been better off with a cheaper core2/phenom2 setup and a shed load of ram and fast HDD.