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  1. f1y
    f1y Shalafi
    Heard you were dying bro. GL
  2. Dustin DeTorres
  3. Yiffy
    SMCINAZ Iching
    Ok, please send the $22 Paypal to for the Malwarebytes licenses. I'd appreciate it if you would send using their Friends and Family payment to save the fees. Thanks.
  5. Renegade5399
    Living Life 1 Upgrade at a Time
  6. Damn Dirty Ape
    Damn Dirty Ape
    Right here in this ole' chair.
  7. Dahui9
    Dahui9 amvoith
    Woah, please post some more direct photos of your watercooled build SFX-A4 please. My thought was to get a 420x420 rad and water cool the case with a 1080 ti and 6950x

    NVM, found them and all I can say is.... Amazing.
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    2. amvoith
      Thanks a lot. A lot of planning went into it. Just be advised of the GPU compartment width and the width of the water block + fittings. Mine is a bit taller than the clearance which is why I'll either be using the window kit when it's released or creating my own window mod.
      Mar 17, 2017
  8. BiH115
    Is it the weekend yet?
  9. BiH115
  10. Jms130
    Right here - Right now
  11. alanatswbell
    alanatswbell deruberhanyok
    I have heat under "alanatswbell" of 71-0-0
  12. alanatswbell
    alanatswbell deruberhanyok
    Would you take $500 for the macbook?
  13. supafreak
    Staring into the untempered schism
  14. Tekkaman
    Currently hoping I can get my old account (Tekkaman) back! Praying to the [H] gawds.
  15. Shaav
    Shaav Meccabolix
  16. Shaav
    Shaav Meccabolix
    delidding the CPU might have helped your CPU enormously to stay cool :D
    How far can you clock it? Are 5Ghz possible?
  17. EagleOne
    EagleOne Johan45
    hey GM man how are you my good buddy.......Eric
  18. NasunoRa
    NasunoRa SuicidalGoat
    Want to buy your MSI z77 ITX Can't post to your add. ( at
  19. jgsieve
    jgsieve LiquidX
    You still have gears 4 for sale?
  20. ianbaxter
    ianbaxter Ikasu
    Hey would love to buy an nvidia code for ghost recon wildlands. Let me know if you have any codes left! I can paypal.
  21. AceGoober
    AceGoober Shalafi
    Well, if you were to respond to your comments on your profile page maybe we wouldn't think any different. :)
  22. Shalafi
    Jesus, stop thinking I am going to die anytime soon, simply not going to happen
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  23. AceGoober
    AceGoober Shalafi
    We've had our differences over the last few years. I realize that maybe not so simple fact. Despite our differences, I do respect you out of pure unadulterated circumstances. May you have a long and prosperous life. Take care.
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  24. Ryleh
    stupid hands
  25. 1867hopeful
    1867hopeful bryant12489
    Hi, was wondering if you still had the phenon 7850 for $15 abd the 2x2 TB WD for $45ea the 1 TB for $20. I am fairly new and just wondering the payment procedure. Thanks
  26. Bikerchris
    Just found this forum, I reckon it'll be useful for future builds...which I hope to be doing soon. :-)
  27. TripKidd
    TripKidd WhoBeDaPlaya

    I saw a post where you mentioned you were using the VFD Thinger with your bigass BG Micro VFD... well, recently I dug mine out of a box from ages ago and got it running under windows 10 with that app as well, but I was wondering if you ever managed to get it working with any sort of plugins like MBMonitor to show system stats?
    1. TripKidd
      not sure why I can't send you a message directly, its been years since I've been on HardOCP... It seems like mbmonitor is no longer being developed, so I have had no luck on win 10. Also, LCDC and LCD Smartie don't seem to drive the VFD correctly even with the proper configs that I found... any luck with those?
      Mar 4, 2017
    2. TripKidd
      TripKidd is my email, if this isn't the right way to message on here...
      Mar 4, 2017
  28. alanatswbell
    alanatswbell reveille_83
    If the pending deal falls thru I'm very interested.
  29. xx0xx
    heatware under heliumseven
  30. Mahirzukic2
    Mahirzukic2 GetFunk01
    Hey there funky man, I was wondering if you'd accept 160$ for a 780Ti from here https:// hardforum. com/threads/fs-evga-780ti.1926089/ ?
    Have a nice day.
  31. wra18th
  32. Syntax_Error
  33. GoGoRedRanger
    Nobody knows everything
  34. MikeTrike
    Organized Chaos™
  35. philly cheese steak
  36. ghabhaducha
    ghabhaducha Kwincy
    Hi, I PMed you about the Seasonic X-850, I'm interested in purchasing it, do you still have it? My heatware is in my signature.
  37. sachinsadhukha
  38. RankoDD
    RankoDD kahm
  39. ReezyJeezy
    ReezyJeezy jarablue
    so you ARE parting out? or not? if not, what are you asking for the rig?
  40. Steven Haggerty