What is your backup GPU?

My second rig is my back-up so it’s a 1080 Ti FTW3. Also have a GTX 1060 in a box somewhere in the extremely rare event that I need a back-up for my back-up.

1060 are going near $300 you can get your money back, but yeah could be a hassle to sell too :p
ATi Radeon hd2600 512MB gddr3.

Hopefully it only ever gets used to troubleshoot questionable motherboards.

*edit. I googled my card, I misjudged its memory. Definately a 512MB card, not 2GB, lol. It hasn't rendered pixels in years.
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I mined ethereum and monero (via GPU on the old cryptonight algorithm) in 2017 and 2018 and I also procrastinate. So, that means I have a bunch of AMD video cards that I never got around to selling. I use an RX 580 and my wife uses an RX 480, both 8gb. We have a spare RX 480 8GB reference model as our shared backup.

The extra surplus consists of a pair of RX 570 4GB cards, one RX 560 4GB, two RX 550 2GB and two RX 460 2GB and a bunch of older stuff (R5 250s and 270s mostly). We've got three kids that game so some of those GPUs are in use but there are still about 10 extra GPUs in the house in total. I've also got a 550 Ti laying around that I bios modded to support UEFI, but I wouldn't want to use that for gaming at this point.
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Only loose card I have left as backup us a 750 Ti. Definitely saved me a few times, especially when installing Linux when new GPUs were unsupported.

Had I think 6 randon backup/testing cards like 1050 Ti, RX 460, etc. but I sold these before I moved last year (along with a ton of other stuff I wasn't using).

Otherwise, I have iGPU on my main machine, and two other computers I could use if my main one died. Or my laptop (though it kind of sucks for gaming, indie pixel art games work okay though).
3090 -> 6800XT/6800XT/3070 -> 2080TI -> GTX 1080 -> GT710. The second 3 are in different systems, one windows, one linux, one VR.
Bought a 1080 ti prior to the current price inflation in case my current card crapped out. Luckily it hasn't.
Unfortunately, I think my only backup is in the 800xl in a box somewhere in the form of an ANTIC chip.
Running a 6800xt right now. Backup is a laptop with a 1060 6GB...

I did have a 7900gs, but gave that away to a co-worker a couple weeks ago. I have a 9800gt at my parents' house. Off site backup, I guess.
2070 Super->Rx 580 4G->9600GT->7800GT

And then some other cool AGP and PCI cards, but I currently don't have systems up and running that support them.

Have the parts to build them though!
1050Ti, doesn't require an external power source so it's excellent for troubleshooting.
I'm using my backup GPU now, a AMD HD7750 because my cat recently broke my main gpu and I can't afford to replace it.
I'm using my backup GPU now, a AMD HD7750 because my cat recently broke my main gpu and I can't afford to replace it.
Yeah, we really need a story here.

Also, depending on what's wrong, I might be able to repair it.
How does a cat blow out a power supply?
She stepped on the surge protector power button while the computer was on. I thought this was safe, but it was not.

The machine initially didn't turn on at all, and I had to mess with it a bunch for hours just to get power. It did turn on eventually but then wouldn't boot because the main OS SSD was fried (confirmed this on another system).

Then it just stopped turning on at all. I ended up getting a new PSU and decided to go with a new case and motherboard anyway since I didn't like the case and there were other issues leading me to believe the motherboard was on the way out.

Cost about $200, but I was able to rebuild it and it looks much better now and I have room to work if I need to swap out any parts later (previous case was a mini cube and I basically couldn't change anything without a lot of work).
1080 FE, well it's more of a backup gaming PC with that card in it along with 32gigs of ram and a I7 6700K.
My MSI 1030 GT, I would like an entry level HDMI 2.1 card though, but unfortunately none exists as of yet.
My GTX260 is on permanent loan to in-laws lol. GTX 580 still works, but has to be downclocked on core/memory for stability - first/last time I touch a Zotac product on that note. Still, it's a working card, so it has value.
I never sell anything, so I have a 2080S (Strix), 1080ti FE, and vanilla EVGA 2060.
** ZOTAC GTX-1070 ** - sitting in a box, just in case I need it. I know I could sell it and it is unlikely that my RTX-3070 will die. But I still like to have a back up while the supply chains are so strained. If I knew I could buy a reasonable replacement, I would sell it. Then again - eventually the price of this older cards commanding big bucks will come down.
Intel integrated GPU! :D...though if I were desperate, I have access to an ancient GTX 470, and possibly a GTX 970.
Well when my new build is done, my 980 will become my backup. Otherwise my parts closet has a GTX 570 (not to be confused with an RX 570), and two HD 5770's lol.

I also had a GTX 670, but it was damaged, had to junk it as it no longer worked.
1050ti is my backup to my RX6800 / RTX 2080TI / RAD VII / GTX 1080TI.
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Current Nvidia 3090 FE
Backup 1070Ti
Backup for my Back up 1660 Super (current in test Bench)
sold my xfx 5600xt to buy a R9 3900x. so my evga 970 ssc is in use and i have 2 gtx 660's if need be.
oh yeah, i have a 970 too, old roommate left it behind. guess we can call it even for the h110i i put in his rig...
Cos my 6700K machine wouldnt work with my 3090 I bought a new machine for it.
So I still use my 1080ti (FE with Arctic Xtreme III cooler) in the old machine for browsing and light gaming.
Its still quite incredible, gaming on a Samsung CRG9 UUW is no problem for many games at full res!
I've been playing Mafia II Definitive Edition as if on a new PC (ie no framerate issues at all).

Sucks to be the person who was going to get my 1080ti though.