The Division 2

Looking much better than the first one - really interested to hear any positivity I can out of the beta to push me towards purchasing this game. I was not a huge fan of the first one, and I bought the ultimate edition or whatever it was - played as long as I could (about a month) and kind of fell off as it didn't feel like there was much to keep me around at that point. I put it towards it being a "first" for the developer in the "MMO" space - longevity is key, so endgame is a must. Hearing they actually have one in this game is a plus.

After the game failed then greatly improved after many patches, you've missed out on the best of TD1 in the last year or two. If you ever get a chance, go back & play the story missions. I recommend it.
People with Private Beta access will be able to invite up to 3 people from their Uplay friend's list.


All Private Beta players will be able to invite up to 3 of their Uplay friends to join them in the Private Beta. Friends invites will be available on starting February 6th at 5pm GMT.

Players joining the Private Beta through a friend invite will not have access to this feature.

Also, the private beta is 46GB and pre-load starts February 6th at 5am GMT
On beta invites, looks like they start going out tonight:

"Players who pre-ordered and redeemed their code will receive an email confirming their Beta access starting February 6th at 9am GMT, when pre-load is made available.

Some selected players who registered on can also start to receive their Beta access by email starting February 6th at 9am GMT."
So anyone who already has the Beta invite gets 3 additional invites to send out to their friends? That's pretty cool. Let me know if anyone wants to try it out.
Alright, sounds like it will be mid-afternoon (3pm CST) on the 6th before my area will start to get invites, so I'll contact those who contacted me for keys as soon as I know something.

INVITE 1 = NeoBattleDroid
INVITE 2 = harvestor
INVITE 3 = Available
Oh I would I would lol

I don't have them yet and don't know how it works quite yet. However the Preload is available now on Uplay. Which is weird for me because I never got an email from Amazon for my Beta key.

I did register for the Beta long ago after they announced it at E3. Maybe that was my way in. But never got any emails from them either.

INVITE 1 = Ragenrok
I got my mail that I'm in, can invite some peeps, not sure if there is a region restriction as I'm in Europe.
I saw you can preload the beta right now... 43 gigs (?!)... but for access you have to get an email and all like you all are talking about, yes?

I'm all set for the game in any event. Looking forward to it. Followed your lead CrimsonKnight13 ;)
I got my beta access email about 1 hour ago, PST time. Pre-loading right now 41.89GB on PC. Anyone know how to invite people to the beta from friends list? Email says you can but is vague.
How long do the beta invites take to arrive after they have been sent, has anyone received their friend invite yet (my invite was sent but hasnt arrived yet :( )
Alright, I have started Pro-loading & the website has opened up for Invites... but seems to be swamped at the moment as it keeps giving me errors when I try to use it. I have to get to work, but I will keep trying and keep you posted.

INVITE 1 = NeoBattleDroid
INVITE 2 = harvestor
INVITE 3 = relapse808

All full up, but it looks like we may have 2-3 other members who could have room.
The website is obviously getting hammered right now. Invites will not load, their Support page will not load, the Private Beta forums are full of posts about it. This may take some time, but I'll keep at it.
Hopefully this shit gets sorted by the time I get home from work. I still have 3 invites. Ragenrok got one from his brother.
Ok so the whole Ubi system is a fuck show but I have a workaround for all of us that have an invite sent but aren't receiving the emails to set it up!

Step 1: go to and sign in to your account. Once you do it will load and you should see "You can now preload the division 2 beta"

Step 2: Open your Ubi client and go to settings, check the box beside "tryout preview versions". Now go check your game library and you should see the beta listed, click it and install your preload

Hope this helps others as me and my brother spent a good hour troubleshooting why the invites wern't working, this was the only way we could get it to work for us.
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I haven't been able to login to the the TD2 beta website, it keeps giving a wrong password error even though I just reset it and was able to login to the Uplay launcher and Ubi website with the new password. I figure the servers are swamped so I will try later in a few hours.
Ok so who still needs a key? I can login now and see my entire friends list.

If you need a key I need to add you as a friend on Uplay. And then hopefully your name will show up on my list and it will let me send you an invite.

EDIT: yep beta all preloaded for me too. I'm ready to rock.
Is pre-ordering the only way to get these keys? I received an email about preloading the private beta now! - but not sure if that means I have access to it yet...still at work and can't check.

I did sign up for beta.
No, pre-ordering isn't the only way to obtain a key. If you signed up for the private beta and received an email about pre-loading than yes you should have access. Just follow the email instructions and check your Uplay launcher when you get home to pre-load.. Lucky you agent. :p
It's letting me in now, still waiting to see if the invites I sent are arriving. They were having issues with that too.

relapse808 I need to add you to my friends list before I can send your invite. I will see if I can do this from the website, otherwise it will have to wait for me to get home from work (5 hrs).

EDIT: Relapse808 does not seem to be your Uplay name, update me via message when you can.
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Is pre-ordering the only way to get these keys? I received an email about preloading the private beta now! - but not sure if that means I have access to it yet...still at work and can't check.

I did sign up for beta.

Means you were chosen. YOU ARE THE CHOS3N ONE!! ;)

You are one of the lucky few that did not need to pre-order to get an invite. Congrats.
the beta sure has a lot of content in it...I'm surprised they're allowing people to play so much in a beta...
the beta sure has a lot of content in it...I'm surprised they're allowing people to play so much in a beta...

In the Special Report they emphasized how much stuff they haven't even told us about yet. A lot more "Secrets", in the open world especially, to reward the explorers for example. Time will tell, but none of it is in the Beta so as not to ruin it.

Also, for those who didnt watch the hour long Special Report, here are some key highlights:

the beta sure has a lot of content in it...I'm surprised they're allowing people to play so much in a beta...

They mentioned this in their stream yesterday why they're putting a lot of stuff in this beta. I think the simple answer is because there's going to be lots to do in the final game. They need the mass scale of people to play each different activity.

There's probably more technical reason too, infrastructure load, data gathering, bug fixing.

I gave my 3 keys away on Reddit. Sorry guys didn't want to wait all night.
The Division 2 Xbox One X/PC Private Beta First Look! - A Flagship Showing for the Snowdrop Engine?

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I have 3x invites too - just friend me - SJSquishy and I'll send you one

I don't care if you un-friend me after :)
I'm downloading the demo now...I doubt I'm going to get this at launch but maybe the demo will push me to do it...I like the winter NYC setting of the first game better...the DC setting looks more generic and the graphics don't look as crisp...

I got it downloading now. Sent a couple invites out too. Does this just show up in uplay for them?
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