Speaker and Headphone Rigs Picture Thread


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Sep 24, 2001
This is the most I've ever spent on headphones, almost $300 with Apple Care and Tax,

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Just got a set for Christmas, love them. I got a one piece case that clasps closed and attaches to my keychain (in my case I use a Keysmart which also helps a lot). I can use these at a moments notice - their convenience has been unparalleled. That fact that they're so small and "charge themselves" is such a small simple thing that is just so convenient. Whenever I want them or need to throw them in, I always have them with me.
I also got knockoff Comply foam ear-tips and those helped immensely. The regular tips hurt my ears with physical pressure. The foam tips fit perfectly and don't cause that pressure for me. Now the experience is great in every aspect.

I was originally also considering the Beats Pro (especially because they cost so much less and have similar sound quality with better battery life). The ANC, transparency, and size sold me on the Airpod Pros and I'm glad I went this way. The fact that they're so tiny is such an advantage that can't be overstated.

Oof. To think what kind of amazing sound you can get for $300 without an Apple logo involved
Apple logo or no Apple logo there isn't another set of headphones that has this set of features. The ANC and Transparency modes alone (which I might add are both class leading) are worth it for me since I have a pretty active life and either need to ignore surroundings or pay attention to them obviously depending on the situation. The ANC can basically drown out everything inside of a shopping center. All of the talking, and terrible PA speaker music just fades away. And when I need to hear everything the transparency mode sounds natural with zero echo or other weirdness.

The sound quality I would say is decidedly mid-level, but in comparison with a lot of IEM's in general their sound is 'pleasant' out of the box - and while they may not have the most amount of detail (as an example), for a daily driver that for me is used for 2-5 hours a day, having a sound that isn't fatiguing is really high up on the priority and importance list. There is more to a set of headphones than just sound quality - however you define it (which I might add varies greatly from person to person). This isn't even counting Apple integration with the H1 chip which also just makes these headphones again decidedly more convenient than anything else.

If I want to sit and listen to music that's an entirely different setup. We could talk about using FLAC, a nice DAC/AMP, and driving a set of open back cans. That's an entirely different listening experience and serves an entirely different purpose - again for dailies, this feature set, and purpose there isn't much else you can buy.


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Jun 9, 2004
My office speakers are a pair of Legacy Audio Studio HD's in Cabernet finish (it's gorgeous). I power them with a custom built ICEEdge 1200W amp, fed by an RME ADI-2 Pro DAC




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Sep 29, 2001
I recently bought this Klipsch center speaker to use up in my room but ended up just keeping the 3 towers up there and putting it in the garage.
This TV is to the left of my desk so I can watch or listen to something while messing with the PC.