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    Do you have a build thread with your arcade setup?
    Re: Phone... doesn't get calls... (SGN2/sprint)

    How is this trolling? I was a Sprint customer for over a decade and they're notorious for issues with calls, SMS and data.
    Mag, just wanted to say thanks. Your thread on Solid Cap Fail just helped me track down the missing caps on my old NF44 board. Pulled the caps eons ago, and somehow lost the 2 10v 1500uF caps slightly to the side of your beautiful picture.

    I owe you a beer, should our paths ever cross ;)

    I just posted a thread in computer audio about consumer reports. Does it break any rules or is it considered infringement?
    Hi there I no ur post about the xecuter programmer was old but do u still have it for sale or do you know a site where I can buy one. I have the mod chip but did a bad flash :( thanks
    hi, do me a fav and kill that second pic under : The NEW "Post your Speaker and Headphone Rigs" Thread labeled "Laptop 1" and label the first pic "Altec Lansing MX6021"

    thx ;p
    Hi magnetik

    I just have one question, i have the same internal hd rack as you, is it possible to turn of the leds on the hd cage by using the jumper on the pins at the back? thx :)
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