Seasonic Topre Type Heaven Keyboard and S12G PSU Lucky Draw

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Could use some replacement parts and they seem to be good quality.
Great company who pushes innovation! Never tried a keyboard but my g15 looks rode hard and out up wet!
They are quality products that score well at review sites and have great warranties. I'd love to be the winner.
Seasonic is one of the top brands in the tech industry and I would love to have my first PSU built with ingenuity and care.
Need a new PS for my new video card. A new keyboard would be an added bonus!
The Seasonic PS I bought a few years ago is one of the best I have ever had. I would also like to have a new keyboard.
Quality power supplies, reliable, efficient, and quiet. Really, they have it all. I'd love to try out that keyboard also. My wife needs a new one and isn't into the clicky mechanical types.
Reliability! my first PSU from them lasted 6 years, and only got swapped when it was not powerful enough.
Seasonic makes their own power supplies and are known as a leader in quality and performance.
I just upgraded my computer components to an i7-4770k but am still running my [six year] old Zalman 850W power supply. Adding the Seasonic that is certified for low power conditions that Haswell can go down to would be great.
A new Seasonic upgrade for my old power supply would be great, since the current is getting quite old. :)
A new Seasonic power supply would rock. Interesting Keyboard design. Would like to try to see if it would be more responsive for gaming and general typing needs?
The X-Series PSU in my rig speaks for itself -- it's silent. Backed with a record of reliability, Seasonic is the only PSU I'd buy. Looking forward to them making more components in the future.
I want more Seasonic stuff in my rig because my rig has Coolmax stuff in it. :(
Seasonic power supplies are the only brand I trust with my rig. Every power supply is made with top notch components, and oozes with quality from top to bottom. Other manufacturers can try and copy their style. The only love they get, is noob bought machines.

Only the best will do, for my [H]ard earned dollar. So give me Seasonic, and I hoot and holler!
I have always heard about the reliability of Seasonic products. Would love to test them out and share feedback with the community!
after first platinum X760 crapped out of the box, and the rma only lasting 24 hours of run time, maybe a freebie will make me not hate seasonic. ;)
I Dont trust seasonic and would like them to prove me wrong with an actual superior product and since i'm utterly unwilling to buy one because i expect it to not meet my needs this is the only way they would get me as a customer
I've never used Seasonic products but I've heard good things about them and would like to try them out.
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