Seasonic Topre Type Heaven Keyboard and S12G PSU Lucky Draw

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I would like one because I have a seasonic in my gaming rig and they have an awsome customer service, the unit failed and was replaced within 72h. An I like modular psu
Seasonic actually routinely engineers quality PSU's. I still have an old 350W Tornado running strong. Liking the G-Series 650W I picked up recently. couldn't hurt to have another one :D
My current rig's power supply is starting to show it's age. A quality PSU like a SeaSonic would breathe new life into muh rig!
Sign me up! Seasonic is always on my hotlist for PC components, and now they make a keyboard... if only they could make a case and mouse too!
Gonna need a high quality, higher power PSU if santa comes with a new video card this year! A Seasonic S12G would fit the bill perfectly.
have an older system I would love to get back up and running to give my kid brother a decent starter system so he can get into gaming as well, that and Seasonic makes stellar products.
w00t w00t. i would love a seasonic PSU, they are well known for quality for obvious reasons.
highest quality psu at 750w and 140mm. need it for my modded sg05 case with 690( longer wont fit) !
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