Seasonic Topre Type Heaven Keyboard and S12G PSU Lucky Draw

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I have a Seasonic fanless PS in my media center PC. It has been the most reliable part of the system. I would love to add one to my main computer. Thanks!
I'd like some more Seasonic products in my rig...

...because I'd like to hear the sound of the ocean when I put my ear up to my PC. That's Seasonic, right?
I could use the DC to DC converter design to help provide the juice to my powehungry R9 290X!!
Seasonic PSUs are still the best. Would love to try out that keyboard to see how it feels.
because it'd be better than what i have now
Hell yeah! Seasonic products are good stuff, top quality. Always need more of that in my life ;)
I've heard lots of good things about Seasonic and would love one for one of my new builds.
Because I can't seem to buy a single thing for my computer without someone else yapping in my ear about it!
Because I would love a realiable power supply that doesn't blow up when i try to Tri crossfire or quad crossfire!!
Because I have used the same Seasonic PSU for the last 8 years. If a keyboard and new PSU can last me half that, I will be happy. Seasonic rocks.
Because daddy needs to start building a new rig and seasonic has great components!
Seasonic knows what gamers care about: efficient, silent psu's, great keyboards.
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