Seasonic Topre Type Heaven Keyboard and S12G PSU Lucky Draw

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May 18, 1997
Seasonic Topre Type Heaven Keyboard and S12G PSU Lucky Draw


Post ONCE in this thread to enter the Lucky Draw and tell why you want more Seasonic products in your rig!

Lucky Draw available to North America only.
Awesome brand name with an extremely enviable reputation! (I have a rebranded Seasonic PSU which is under the Corsair AX PSU label).
I would like some seasonic equipment because it sounds like OCZ hardware will not be available soon ;)
Would love to try a Seasonic product, never tried them before but have heard good things about them in the past.
The smoke just went out of the power supply in one of the folding boxes. It is time for an upgrade. :)
Just finished a rebuild everything except the power supply, would be great to upgrade it also.
I've been eyeing the keyboard for a while and would love to add it to my setup. The PSU would give me a nice head start on a new rig and the reviews I've read are all positive.
Love their X1250 power supply, would love it more if my HTPC had a seasonic PS too!

I'd like to try out a Seasonic keyboard besides owning so many logitechs.
After having a baby this year there is little cash left over for computer stuff. The PSU in my rig is making some coil-whine so its time to replace...however this probably won't happen for a bit.
I've got Seasonic or Corsair in all 4 of my systems. Love them. Always looking to build a new PC in the future.
Seasonic is the brand I trust most in power supplies. Top quality construction, performance, efficiency, quietness, etc. So I would imagine anything they make is just as good.
because they make just about the finest power supplies available, got a platinum pushing a dual quad 1366 folding rig here and the fan doesn't even come on
Reliable without a shadow of doubt. I've done horribly abusive loads on my last 2 Seasonics and desperately wish I could have gotten another SS PSU for my new build.
Seasonic is the very best in high quality, silent power supply.
I have always wanted a great keyboard and had no idea Seasonic made a Topre Type
Gobble Gobble till you Wobble.
As if a rock-solid PSU wasn't enough??
I've never used anyt other seasonic product besides their PSUs, but i'd be interested in checking them out anyways!
Reviews of Seasonic gear are always favorable. I'd love to add anything from the company to my rig!
In my last three builds i've used Seasonic PSUs or rebranded Seasonics. Not once have I ever had a problem with them. Would love to score another for an htpc.
Seasonic supports [H] which is pretty BA in my book
Seasonic is a great choice for the drawing. I didn't know they made keyboards!
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