Seasonic Topre Type Heaven Keyboard and S12G PSU Lucky Draw

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With the many computers I have built to keep my 5 kids entertained I can always use more parts. I would like to try Seasonic and see how they hold up in my household.
I've never had a Seasonic die on me, they make very efficient and solid PSU's that work at spec. No one else offers such consistency across their whole line up of PSU's. Its nice knowing that my PSU won't shit itself while I sleep or while I game.
Have owned them in the past, also rebranded units. Extremely reliable and good RMA process!!
Bought a SeaSonic for my gaming rig and it works great, very good build quality, also got one in a PC my work was getting rid of from 4 years ago and the PSU still works like new, great company, great products, could always use more :)!
When it came time to upgrade my system, went with a seasonic m2 850 as I had a corsair hx620 (made by Seasonic) in my old one and WANTED NO NEEDED that reliability. corsair still going strong after 7 years. yes I want this.
I have never used Seasonic, but the reviews, and the obvious quality of their units has always made me want to put one in my next build (or current build!)..... I feel that there's more to life than Corsair and Antec.

And as far as a keyboard goes, I've done the dance with Cherry MX switches of various colors, and have never had a chance to type on topre-based board. It's totally on my bucket list.
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Gimme gimme gimme It's my day of birth! I need a new PSU and as always I only put Seasonic so help a fellow man out!
Being disabled I can't really afford high-end stuff like this so it would be awesome to have something that cost more than $100 in my rig! lol
I've never heard a bad thing about any Seasonic products. I'd like to give em a shot.
It would make it the first Seasonic (branded) product I've ever owned.

Wow I just looked at it, beautiful board.
my 2 1/2 week old son hates the clicking of my noisy ducky, topre type heaven keyboard ftw :)
Keyboard upgrades are always good...

I've used a few of their power supplies and always been impressed.
Seasonic makes some of the best parts in the business! I'd be happy to add another high quality component from Seasonic to my system!
Great PSUs. It's not often you have a brand that you say that there isn't a bad unit all the way up or down the line.
Because my keyboard is on the wonky side, wouldn't mind using a better one ;)
Sea-son'-ic def: Sound-of-the-sea brand electronics, Made Perfect.
Still use a hand me down Seasonic PSU in my wife's system. Would love to replace it with a new one.
I would love the quality of a Seasonic in my rig. It would also be very ironic as I just spilled water (ok, wine) into my last PSU, frying the crap out of it, and I am in desperate need of a new PSU right now! (Family and girlfriend's presents for Xmas are taking priority at the moment...)
Seasonic for the win! Quiet, reliable, and stable are qualities I want from my Power Supply Unit, and Seasonic delivers!
Great PSU's that seem to always last and have a great track record are always a welcome addition to my rig! :D
Seasonic is good stuff. I didn't know they were reselling Topre Type Heavens. That's awesome.
Seasonic has always been good, i've used several PSU's over the years....never had to replace them due to failure or anything. They just hum along.
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